Climate Crisis

the land doesn’t have to be geographically in the global north to be turned over to the benefit of the capitalist class in the global north

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Yes, sorry, I was a bit literal there.

Rohingya refugees within Bangladesh are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change - they’re not being allowed to build shelter to protect against floods or move to safer locations (and are even being moved to flood prone/offshore parts of the country which expose them even more to disasters)

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Jesus Christ. It’s all such an absolute horrific state of affairs

If the glacial lakes fail in Bhutan is the effects of that going to reach down into Bangladesh too?

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I don’t know enough about the geography to say

I believe so.

Have the recent floods in London received very little attention in the media? Honestly don’t think I would have heard about them if it wasn’t for twitter


Freeze left-over bread :laughing:


But she doesn’t say freeze left over bread. She says cut the loaf in half when you get it home and freeze half of it for later.


It’s fine i’ll just buy one less pair of jeans to offset it

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And wtf? Allegra Stratton is a “COP26 spokesperson” now?

We’re fucking doomed.

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As if i read the article!..but i presumed that’s what it meant anyway, freeze what you’re not going to eat

Which is a perfectly sensible thing to do. It’s just going to do dick all to help the climate crisis.

It’s one step greener

Reminds me of the time I was queuing behind someone in my work canteen who claimed she didn’t use china cups because of all the water wasted washing them up. She used disposable paper ones instead…


If you want greener bread just leave it out for a couple of weeks



How long’s that gonna take ffs?


I know this is posted in jest, but I absolutely hate this shit. People should do their bit for the environment, particularly if you want others to do the same, but ultimately absolutely nothing that you do on a personal level is going to change the situation. It’s down to corporations and oil companies, and they want to push the responsibility and the burden of guilt onto you, “the consumer”.

The biggest case in point is BP inventing the carbon footprint in order to construct the idea that it was an individual problem. It worked. And it isn’t. Freezing bread ain’t gonna do shit, neither is not going on holiday, really. Large scale, government mandated collective action and legally binding regulations on companies and states are what’s necessary. All this stuff is just a distraction.


forgive my ignorance but is this for real? Fucks sake.