Climate Crisis

Nothing really and I guess I shouldn’t joke about it.

However it’s very tenuous to equate this as a climate issue. In as much as it’sa human influenced thing it’s an agricultural pollution issue. Also worth noting that the water authority say the water processed from it is still safe to drink

I mean, Rodion did presage their posts with “only tenuously climate-related”…

Also invasive species making the water too clear, too. Which probably falls under “general environmental collapse”, I guess. Do we have a thread for that? [not asking sarcastically]

Yep sorry I missed that and like I said I shouldn’t have joked. Probably looked more weird because I didn’t have the sound on.

Anyway apologies

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Well I guess the issue of whether or not to allow toxins to run into water courses has been a bit of a political football lately?

Sunak about to roll back on any remotely worthwhile climate commitment. Fuck this country and any cunt who votes for this deathcult.

No worries brõther

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Posted about this youtube channel in the ‘war on cars’ thread but posting it here too.

I like the irreverent style. You might too.


That’s the car industry turning on Sunak for not sticking to his net zero commitments…

Tufton Street + our shitty press + net zero ‘analysis’ = shitshow.

Good piece breaking it down

Gonna happen every year and get worse and worse.

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great vibes right now

Saw some videos on Twitter and they were quite a lot. Like a bus with ankle deep water on it…

(The caption was something like “climate change will be seeing increasingly wild videos until you are the one taking the video”, which is a bit makeuthink but also…)


#makesmethink my ‘hometown’ was legitimately mostly underwater until relatively recently in human history, and even then only stopped regularly flooding in the 1950s. So I guess it’s going to return to being a sort of tidal settlement in 100 years



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Back home has beeen struck by nothing less than a natural disaster. The town is one of the lowest lying points in Ireland, and much of it was underwater until 200 years ago.

Not mentioned is the rumours that the big asda has been permanently damaged by the flooding and will just… not reopen. Which is devastating if true, it employed probably 100 people in the town (which is quite economically depressed) and then also logistically for people to be able to get food in a convenient way. Though I will note that they built the supermarket 20 years ago on a fucking flood plain, which all things considered was a bad idea.

Anyway, just depressing. Most of the businesses affected probably won’t recover.

Climate change is just watching videos of natural disasters until you are the one taking the video.


Well at least there’s an official report we can point to as a source now, I guess?


They will try and weasel out of any attempt to address inequality with windfall taxes etc.

These people have addresses.

I know I’m the only one who cares about the Britishvolt saga at this point but it’s actually reached “Sideshow Bob repeatedly stepping on a rake” levels now:

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I care, i care a lot.

it’s collapse cost the company i work for millions