Climbing thread 2.0 - big crimpin' 💪 ✊


Injured a tendon in my left hand middle finger a few weeks back - not badly but it is preventing me from really bearing down on small crimps - totally fine on slopers though so just trying to gear my training and climbing around that (and back-two hangs :sunglasses:)

Weather has been pure shite for several weeks which is frustrating - hoping to get out this weekend but not feeling confident.

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Lads, I’ve started doing the odd top roping session. Is this approved or do are the two of you strictly boulderers?

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You’re dead to me.

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I don’t enjoy top roping because I get really scared, grip like crazy and the whole thing is stressful. The GF is the opposite though, she gets that way from bouldering but will perform aerial acrobatics when top-roping.

All climbing is approved! :smiley:

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Oooof, hope it heals quickly!

Back-two though :muscle:

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Yeah, I feel like the height anxiety stops me from climbing proficiently but it tires me out twice as much as a bouldering session so hopefully it’ll improve my strength and stamina elsewhere.

Watched some lead climbing, that definitely looks a bit too much for me.


Quite like top-roping every now and again - only form of climbing the TV will engage in

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For me it’s lead > top roping > bouldering. I think just get more out of the taller routes


Anybody got plans to watch Free Solo? Got my tickets booked for Saturday.

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I will defo watch it at some point. Fascinated by his psychology.


Will report back. Reviews are looking pretty positive.

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absolutely - i just think his brain must be wired in a completely different way to mine, astonishing

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GF watched it and loved it. She fancies Alex Honnold so some potential bias there. :slight_smile:


just saw this and thought it was great. makes me want to start climbing things. probably not a great sport for a fat lad though…

how did you guys get into this? just go to a climbing gym and have a go?

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Yeah, you’ll have to pay for an induction where a member of staff will show you what’s what. If you want to do roped stuff, you’ll need a pal. Bouldering centres are best for solo.

Either way you’re best of dropping the centre a message and asking them when a good time for a newbie is so they can make sure there’s someone available.


is it just fuckin nails if you’ve never done it before?


Nah! Not at all. There’s stuff for kids in there, you’ll be fine.

You’ll ache in new places the next day though :slight_smile:

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There’s loads of entry level climbs which will be clearly marked as such by colour.

And 2 days after you will get the worst doms imaginable.


There’s a new bouldering place opened 5 mins down the road from me so I’m gonna have a go at getting properly into climbing now. Have some friends who are extremely nerdy about it so that will help. Gonna go once a week to start with as my arms and fingers are feeble. Also coincidentally trying to lose weight which might make it easier I hope


Good luck, Gert! :muscle: