Climbing thread 2.0 - big crimpin' 💪 ✊


Usually quite a personal thing but some general advice:

Build up to a technical shoe. I started with Scarpa Velocity for my first year and a bit, then went to La Sportiva Muiras as a more techy shoe and now use Scarpa Instincts.

Don’t go cheap (brands like Red Chili, etc.) because the shoes are crap.

Always try the shoe out. A lot of outdoor clothes places have a little wall to test them on. Most climbing centres will let you test them too.

Scarpa, Evolve and La Sportiva are the best brands IMHO.


Also important is the sizing varies massively between brands and shoes. An 8 in a Scarpa could be a 10 in La Sportiva.

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I used Sportiva Solutions for a few years but have switched to their Skwama. You probably don’t need something as downturned as that though. Not tried those Scarpas. Can’t go wrong with 5.10 Anasazi’s at a similar price point.


@sadpunk has given good advice there.
Also consider your style of climbing in comparing shoes - e.g. I am toe-hooking all the time so having rubber rather than fabric on top of the toe is important. I also hate slabs so a stiffer shoe is fine for me.


I’ve started to enjoy some slabs lately - indoors where risk of face-death is far less likely.

I’m sure it’ll pass.

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This slabby one was my fave of a recent comp set.

(seems to have uploaded at a terrible quality)


Balance! :+1:

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Nice foot swapping

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I love a good foot-swap! :smiley:


Shirt shopping this afternoon. Why does no one cater for those of us with large upper backs and forearms?


I’ve mentioned this before, but the GF has huge problems with this. She struggles to find anything that fits across her shoulders and she’s not even that broad.

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@sadpunk when do you normally go? I’ll be spending some time on call in Notts and might try and get back on it a bit.



Mon & Fri for defs, I usually do Weds but Weds are rapidly becoming crazy-busy so I’m doing more Tuesdays.

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Awesome! Was in Notts today but had do go back to Lincs. I’ll let you know next time I’m around, and dig my old shoes out

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Just had a lovely afternoon at Earl Crag. Did a 7a+ called Handy Andy which was a crimpy treat and made a very quick repeat of a 7b I climbed last summer. Decent.


Got out on Saturday and managed my second ever 7c (v9). Worked it in 2 halves 10 days earlier then linked it 3rd go of the session. Bit of an odd one - climbs really nicely but looks quite shit as half of the moves are on a roof a metre above the ground!

Didn’t feel like I was climbing at my limit (note me cutting loose around the crux which is not the beta!) - just need to find the right 7c+ now…

Also, 18 degrees out in mid-Feb… This has quite good holds for the grade but anything on small crimps felt like sweaty garbage. Bring back the cold!


Sweet! That crux move looks well hard! :muscle:

I need to train more roof stuff, it’s not something I’m good at.

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Why has the title of this thread changed? I really enjoyed “big crumpets”

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taken the plunge and bought a climbing wall. Am excited

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Ha! Sorry, it’s been irking me ever since it got changed originally. Mainly because the original big crimpin’ is a solid 8/10 pun

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