Climbing thread 2.0 - big crimpin' 💪 ✊

Nice :slight_smile:
Strong shoulder definition at around 14 seconds as well - love that sort of move back onto a hold :muscle:

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Cheers! :slight_smile:
I really enjoyed solving that problem - I got spat off it a lot until I figured out somewhere to swap feet.

There’s this one too:

Looking strong!
I’ve got no new videos to share. Need to get up to the peaks soon…

We were only filming because it was my mate’s birthday and he was having a bit of a crisis about it.
One day we won’t be able to do this anymore and they’ll be no evidence that we ever could!” etc.

Ha! This is 25% of why I like to film my climbs. The other reasons are:

  • So I can watch them back when my motivation is low (25%)
  • Showing off (50%)
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Got my front levers pretty solid for about 5 seconds yesterday morning :slight_smile:

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Nice! :muscle:

Arty shot too

@meowington join the coolest crew in town

Should probably have searched for a climbing thread, ay? :blush:

hi guyz

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Props to Shauna Coxsey who is receiving an MBE today. Inspirational climber full stop but has also worked super hard on involving women in the sport and the Climbers Against Cancer charity.

Long shot, but I’m due to be in London on Monday if anyone fancies a bouldering session.

Should be done with work about 6ish and will be near the Tower of London.

YES!!! You’re not far from where I climb and I should be free that evening.
There are 2 centres in Bermondsey - suggest the Biscuit Factory as it’s more spacious on busy evenings.

Big news in the climbing media this week as Adam Ondra has done a spectacularly quick repeat of the Dawn Wall in Yosemite. Dude is just incredible.

Got to be the best all round climber in the world at the moment (by some margin). Would Megos take him on hard sport right now? Probably, but I guess Ondra’s focus has been elsewhere recently!

Would like to see Megos take on an Ondra 9b+ testpiece. His ascent of First Round First Minute is just silly smooth
Both of them just climb so naturally - incredible to watch. I saw Ondra cruise to victory at the indoor world champs in sport a couple of months back - he’s still a level above everyone else on the comp scene.

In terms of best all-round climber, I think Janja Garnbret would stake a claim right now - 17 year old girl from Slovenia who has dominated the lead comps this year. Hasn’t done so many bouldering comps, but has gone toe-to-toe (finger to finger?) with the best of them whenever she has - her performance at last year’s La Sportiva Legends when just 16 was mind-boggling. She has that same quality Ondra does where she just seems to see moves differently to everyone else.

I think at the moment, from what I’ve read anyway, that if you stood the two of them at the bottom of a brand new 9b, Megos would be more likely to crack it before Ondra. Would be fun to watch!

Garnbret’s obviously phenomenal and ridiculously talented for her age, but for all round I’m think trad, big wall, etc. Don’t see anyone touching Ondra.

Probably a fair assessment. Super exciting to see how all these young kids push the limits of what is achievable - Megos, Garnbret, Ashima Shiraishi… Ondra and Shauna Coxsey are only 23 as well - would be amazing to see Shauna climb V15 or Ondra have a crack at repeating and then bettering Nalle’s Burden of Dreams (super excited for that video).

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IT’S ON! :muscle:

(will PM you my contact deets and stuff)

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Any other London folk keen? @the_ravens @meowington

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Alright chaps, got routed here by @Twinkletoes as I’m planning on restarting climbing in the new year. Husband works in Harrogate and we live in Leeds so we’re probably gonna try to go to the wall in Hornbeam Park sometimes when he finishes work as it’s halfway and near a station. I started climbing a couple of years ago but stopped when my climbing buddy went back home to Germany.

Used to do a lot of caving but it seems like using knees to hold on is frowned upon and not good technique so I’m going to try to cut that stuff out. The cake provision and much-reduced chance of death at climbing walls makes me like it more than I liked caving at the moment