Climbing thread 2.0 - big crumpets' 💪 ✊


Sadpunks and ATs advice is on point. Just get down to your nearest climbing centre and do an intro course. I weigh 15 stone, it won’t matter at all in the start. I’d say 25% at my wall are beginner’s on week nights and climbers are generally a bunch of ripped nerds and really friendly.


Good luck mate, first few months as you gain confidence are the best.


Thanks! I went today and it was fun but the skin on my hands is paper thin and got a bit torn up


It toughens up quickly :muscle:


Just a sign you gave yourself a good work out :+1:. It’ll be fine in a couple of days, pick up some finger tape if you need it.


Bloody hell the Arch at a weekend is way less pleasant with just one centre, huh? Not that it was good before…


Yup, I’ve only been once since it reopened and which coincided with me moving to North London. Got there when it opened and it was fine but by midday when I left there was a 20m queue to get in. The Castle isn’t as bad but was busy today, quite often kids running around that you worry about falling on.


anyone been to yonder in walthamstow on the weekend (LME-focused q)? thinking about seeing what it’s like but - as aphex and zorb have pointed out - the arch is a terrible nightmare on the weekend so I don’t want to go if it’s anything like that


I hadn’t heard of it tbh. It’s only a 20 minute cycle from me so I should try it at some point. Stronghold is across the river in Tottenham, I’ve never seen it busy there so with it being a little further out it might be fine? I’d give it a go, I’ve been to 5 or so climbing centres in London and the Arch is the only one too busy for me to avoid in peak times.