Climbing Thread?



I did a little climbing last year and liked it and want to do more of it this winter to get strong n shit. Just bouldering for now then want to take a course on the one with the rope.

Climbers of DiS:

  • Can you recommend some good climbing shoes? Not too cheap but don’t wanna spend mega buxx just yet incase I get bored like most other hobbies.
  • Will I ever get over my fear of heights?
  • How long til I am strong and buff?


haven’t been bouldering for about three weeks


a total newbie so no recommendations
my climbing shoes were about £60 i think?
but you can rent them as well which i did for a while when i wasn’t sure i would stick with it at all

good luck tho!


Pardon my ignorance but you rent your shoes?


You can hire shoes at most climbing places. I think they’re about £4 a pop tho which would soon add up.


what happened here ?


yeah i did for abit - i wasn’t sure if i was going to like climbing so didn’t want to spunk 60 - 70 quid on something i might abandon in a month

  • or are you asking if i would rent YOU my shoes?


Ah sorry, Never looked at what this thread was about. I have my Keyword Alert program running and wanted to know every time someone mentioned shoes/boots/feet. I thought they rented All their shoes. :slight_smile:


Whats the deal with this joke account?
i’m not sure I get it.


Sorry, thought you meant all your shoes that your wear you rent. Makes a bit more sense now it is just your climbing ones. Sorry to confuse and embarrass you


Not very nice saying someone is a joke. I am in the market for some new shoes and wanted to see if anyone here had mentioned shoes lately so ran my program that finds anything to do with it and this was the first ‘hit’.


i have some shoes i am willing to rent out to you if you would like? very reasonable rates!!!


(it’s Foley)


My feet are different sizes (genuinely true) one is a 12 and the other a 13 so it is a bit of an issue shoe buying for me so would actually be good to rent them first to try them out.


my shoes are not those sizes but i can offer you a discount rate?


How far off my size are they?


Reporting for duty!

First rule - you don’t want to go overly tight with your first pair. They need to be tighter than you would go for with trainers, but not so tight that you want to take them off every 5 minutes. Some climbers selling you shoes will try to make you go super tight - don’t listen to them - that’s not needed until you’re using teeny tiny footholds. Try to buy from somewhere you can have a practice climb.

These are a classic entry shoe

As are these

Maybe. I’ve been climbing for 5 years now. My fear of heights has definitely improved during that time (it’s not gone completely though!). The main thing to do is to practice falling safely. Whenever I’m trying a hard move relatively high off the ground, I’ll practice falling safely from it before committing, particularly outdoors, but I’ll do this indoors occasionally as well if I know my head is getting the better of me.

I am much less scared bouldering than climbing on ropes, but that’s mainly because 95% of my climbing is bouldering. Conversely, my wife is really fearless on ropes but can’t get her head around bouldering.

Depends how hard you work at it :wink:
Climbing itself is a terrific workout - better still, it’s fun so (unless you’re actually doing specific training) it doesn’t feel like, say, going to the gym.

Which centre(s) have you been to? Let me know if you ever fancy a DiS climb :slight_smile:

Climbing :heart_eyes:


Hard to recommend climbing shoes as they’re so many out there and how they fit is 100% the most important factor.

You see the same brands in most places and they’re all decent, just find some shoes that fit your feet (and your budget). No way you need to be paying more than £60. Also, don’t be seduced in to buying some super hardcore shoe that you think will make you climb better: it won’t.

These are a classic:

Look for ‘all day’ or multipitch shoes as they’re likely to be more comfortable. Avoid asymmetric and down-turned stuff until you actually need them.


not too far - i can mix up different shows to get closer to your different sized feet - so one shoe will be a running shoe and the other will be a more formal work shoe

how does that sound?


Excellent advice, thank you!

I was thinking around the £60 mark would be about right. I’ll have to find a shop I can go to and try them out as I don’t just wanna order online.

I have been to the Castle to do like a day thing where I did bouldering and the rope stuff and abseiling. My boyfriend used to be into it and he wants to get back to it too so it’ll be good for us to go during winter as we’re trying to give up booze more now and want to have something other than just sitting indoors. I’m not sure where else we can go in North London as don’t think there are other places?

Defo up for a DiS climb when i’m into it and better at it! I’ve met you before haven’t I? We were sitting next to each other at Sufjan? (or was that someone else)

tbh I don’t think i’ll ever be confident doing ropes and crazy shit like that but I want to build up my core and sort out my arms. I get all my other stuff from my HIIT workouts and running but I can’t seem to properly tone up or want to bother. I like that is fun and you don’t think it’s exercising. A little (kind of) climbing on holiday inspired us to do it more.


I thought it reeked of him