Clipper Elite

Disposable/semi-disposable lighter chat space.

We discussed zippos the other day but I guess there are other non-disposable ones. Ever owned one of those that is a cross between a lighter and a paperweight?

Anyway, I guess the Clipper Elite was/is(?) the greatest semi-disposable lighter.

Got any lighter chat? Anecdotes? Strong opinions?

Struck a match this year?


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Most days. The ignition on our gas hob doesn’t work.

Will soon be an #inductionwanker though, which will change everything.


prefer the bic mini lighter tbh

although the removable flint in a clipper was good for poking down the end of rolled items


Very much so

Found a dinky/ smaller than usual clipper on the floor of the pub patio last night. I gave it to the smokers I cadged a fag from

I remember being very impressed by a friend’s butane lighter once

Are the butane ones that have the blue flame like a jet fighter?


I used little swan vestas to light a fire last night. That’s it. That’s the story.

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My grandad found one of them (I assume it was one of them, burned with a really intense blue fame) on a walk once, I guessed it was mainly used for drugs (cooking up on a spoon or something?)

bic regulars for me, clive.

cliippers are a mugs game.

Clipper > cricket > bic imo

Just remembered how stressful it was trying to keep hold of a favoured lighter. Always people trying to nick them. ‘Oh sorry, I forgot mate’. FUCK OFF!


Extremely relatable

Might try to sell it to @ma0sm for his standup. Just needs to put some jokes around it.

What did you call the removable flint part of a clipper? My crew called it the ‘guts’

Q: why did the chicken cross the road?
A: to steal your favourite lighter!!! FUCK OFF CHICKEN YOU SHIT CUNT


I only remember one guy calling it a pokey-jabber. I don’t see him anymore.

I can see why. What did you call it?