Clocks go back, railway track


Don’t forget. Don’t want you discussing Kid A’s merits at 10 when you thought it was 11.

Mute functions



Ugh awake at 6.59am on a Sunday


03.45* here. fuck sake maaaaaaaan

*technically 04.45


I actually saw the clocks go back on my phone last night as I couldn’t sleep. 01:58, 01:59… 01:00


what a life!

edit: sorry man, remembered you’ve got shit going down at the moment. apologies


Aw man it’s alright… Other than being unable to sleep I’m okay really


like this post if your phone changed by itself!


Such a ballache winding my watch on cos you’re not supposed to wind a watch back. Life can be so cruel sometimes.

Edit: just remembered I’ve got to change the clock on the oven as well. Sake!


got to wind back: my watch, the oven, the clock in the living room.


just my watch, living room clock and bedside clock for me. i don’t have a fancy science oven.

i like to leave them as they are for a while though so i keep thinking it’s getting late and then pleasantly discovering it’s an hour earlier


spent last night convincing my friend that her laptop and phone hadn’t changed automatically that it was actually an hour earlier than it really was. great shabs.


was in the pub for it a couple of years ago and the ANALOGUE clock on the wall suddenly whirred round 11 hours automatically. scary.




Here’s one for you!

I set my phone back before bed at approx 1 am, little did I know my phone also set itself back! This meant that my alarm at half 8 was actually at half 9 and I was late for footy!! I was giving lifts and the guys were waiting for ages haha!


itt: people still being surprised by phones, lappys etc setting themselves to the right time overnight.

'kin hell maaaaaaan


Sorry I’m not obsessed with technology, nerd!