Clocks go forward this weekend

i.e. the bad one

Dr Mrs Epimer reckons we should change the clocks on Friday night so the hour of lost sleep is on Saturday and we’ve got extra time to recover before Monday. She is convinced this is a genius-level idea

  • She’s absolutely right
  • That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard

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it’s the good one


Just answer the poll ffs

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We should change it at 4pm on Friday, straight to 5pm and work is over, yes boss


i did

They should do it on the Friday AM to make weekend come sooner its lole yeahhhh you lose an hour sleep but you’re an hour closer to pints

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I’m off tomorrow I might switch then

My main objection is that if we do the change early then I’ll get confused and miss the e-sports on Saturday tbf

Adds a bit of danger to the weekend, I’m looking to it already

I posted the method for changing the time on my oven clock on here a couple of years ago, which I still use as my reference point to do so whenever they go back or forward ( I search for ‘oven clock’). I would recommend others do similar should they want to remember how to change the time on their oven clocks, or wish to change mine.


It’s Dr Mrs Epimer’s job to change the various clocks, so I’m going to have to be on high alert in case she goes early


i’ve been looking forward to this months

can finally go outside and play after work


end result (daylight in the evening): the good one
immediate short term result (less sleep): the very bad one

Feel like the EU have been talking about getting rid of this for years

Get on with it

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We just got rid of the EU instead.

They abolished daylight savings in Brazil last year, can’t say I’ve missed it tbh although I’ve barely been outside either

We’ll end up offsetting GMT by 14 minutes or something to spite the French at some point.

Doesn’t actually happen anymore. No ones awake all the clocks change because they’re connected to the Internet.