Close the old forum down


It’s the only way to really judge the new one for sure when it’s operating at full whack


Also, destroy the evidence

(My new character on these boards seems to be some sort of restrained spy)


leave it there til they all get locked in at the end of the month


Just make it read only.



if i wanted a read only forum i’d just wait for this one to crash again


All in good time. Some people need time to adjust.


Then flood it and drown them.

Then their ghosts will haunt us here.


I can imagine umlaut_ampersand staring mutely at the other squatters, floating in an internet void unable to ^This or even threadsmash, confused and lost…


This isn’t really user friendly enough yet?




I reckon the UX is really good. What do you feel isn’t right and could be improved?


Needless information, eg the parent categories: Once I’m in Social, the layout could be better and the real estate could be simplified and better proportioned.

The reply function seems to totally vary in how it appears, and appearing twice seems a bit strange - the old forums were actually better for this.

Everything else (functionality etc) is miles better. From a PURELY usability perspective it has problems with it’s intuitiveness.


Ah okay. I don’t really know what options for skinning the forum layout there are (or how tricky it is to avoid messing up mobile viewing when doing that). Everyone seems to be unsure about the main display of each ‘board’.

Not sure I get you about the reply appearing twice? You mean the button is in the thread and at the bottom? I definitely think it takes a bit of getting used to how it stays open until you’ve completely abandoned it, but I like that ability to check things without using another tab and am expecting what it does now.


regarding nesting. The replies at the bottom have no context and you then have to go back up - keeping them next to what they are replying too gives you better context and conversation flow. One thing, that when it wasn’t thread smash, that the other site was a lot better at.


There is a form of nesting so you don’t have to go back up, although the experience is markedly less good on phones compared to tablets and desktops: I covered that here:


Do I need to change a setting? I thought to changed it to improve it. There are too many options and I am confused.