Closing Threads

What are the guidelines on this?

Any banjo chat, instant closing.


Shut it down, mods


which banjo?

ban request

Open all the doors and let you out into the world.

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I was just about to post a selfie in that thread too.

Oh well.


Your heart was in the right place - I think Friday Selfies are usually a positive thing.

I got you, bro

Not at all.

I don’t even know if I can believe the banjo is gone

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I closed that thread because it was suggested to me and it seemed like a good suggestion. Everyone seemed like they’d said their piece and it didn’t seem particularly constructive to keep it going. If one of the mods want to reopen it then go ahead; likewise you have the power to reopen it as well. I’m not going to go in and re-close it after you if you feel like I’ve been premature.

I told you not to post that here.

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Prior to that, I closed a thread three days ago that was some kind of armed killer pun interface thread, and moved it to the Lounge. And I closed a quickfire banal thread because I said I was going to close it at 7pm.

I was just a judgement call, but I think I acted pretty reasonably TBH. Like I said upthread and in the thread itself: if a mod / “level 4 leader” wants to go and reopen it, go ahead.

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i think you made the wrong call personally even if it was well intentioned. there was nothing abusive or offensive going on that wasn’t being dealt with in an appropriate manner already.

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Okay fair enough. I went with a suggestion that was backed by a good number of other posters.

there’s been a couple of times recently where i’ve disagreed with threads getting closed (not just you ccb)

if you don’t like a thread then stop reading it or posting in it? don’t understand closing them down*

*obviously if one is really nasty or whatever then it goes without saying