Closing Threads


literally met him earlier. Nice guy

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Yeah, six people liked the suggestion.

Ugh, note to self, stay out of it all in future.

Aye. Barring an OP requesting it I kinda think it should be something that’s only used in fairly exceptional circumstances (still :heart: you ccb)


oh right

Sorry for suggesting it - just seemed like it was not doing anyone any good. And its still continuing anyway so…

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I know who I want to take me home.


I’m not a mod

In all fairness I’d forgotten that Raoul was an armed killer, had got him confused with Jimmy Fivebellies



Well, this is awkward…

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JUst finished my meeting, miss anything? Where do I put a picture of my beard?

Same level as you.

You’ll also see that I tried to weigh in way upthread in a way that was as far from being one-sided as I could possibly manage.

Fair play if you think I made the wrong call but it was really not as a result of one-sidedness.

No worries :slight_smile:

it’s fine just re-open the thread

Okay. So if you want to go and reopen it, then go ahead.

Thanks, @plasticniki

having gone through and read the thread I agree with @Aggpass upthread. was the wrong call to close it and should be kept to request of OP or in extreme cases.

It’s like people on FB deleting a comment when people have put in emotional labour in to explaining why someone did/said something shitty, and then they just delete the post instead of being contrite and learning.

Shuts down conversation and throws away peoples investment.

I understand to a point why you made the call @colon_closed_bracket but might have been better to let it go. Not sure we can just close every thread where people are disagreeing and people get uncomfortable.

anyway I’m just circling and repeating what DB and others have already said, and the intent isn’t to pile on anyone.

ColonClosedBracket Stormborn, First of their name, rider of bikes, of the family ballbreaker,


was making a closing threads/closing time by semisonic link (which I posted before I had caught up on all the content in here)

also the answer is wait for AMAs #163,685,754: EMO

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