Clothes Storage

Hello all,

Another boring thread from me. Would really appreciate your help though.

We have a small bedroom and I need to figure out the best way to go about storing all our clothes. If you too have a small room and lots of clothes, please share what you use for storage. E.g. do you have an ottoman storage bed? Did you get fitted storage, if so was it expensive? Do you prefer drawers or a wardrobe? Etc etc.

Photos are always very welcome.

Thank yoooou xxxx


We use vacuum bags to store anything that won’t be used for a while. Works really well, we have a very tiny house.

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Also a clothes rail rather than a wardrobe cause it takes up less space.


I too have a small bedroom and a lack of storage space. Complete pain in the arse, you have my full sympathy.

What I’ve done to get round this is to simply wear all my clothes at the same time.

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We have a pretty small bedroom. We paid a local wardrobe fitter to build us fitted wardrobes that went over the bed and with a double railed wardrobe slightly to one side.

He was brilliant. Listened to our ideas, suggested his own, measured it all up and when it came to fitting he was done in under a day. All of what you see came to about £1,200. We didn’t do any price comparison but I reckon your Sharps and your Harvey’s (?) would be double that.

The over the bed units. Inside the side units are shelves. The little hole is a shelf with access to power points at the back. We also got a sparky to fit a diffused LED strip above the overhang as a bedtime light.

The wardrobe. This is 2 rails going all the way along for most of it. We also have a single rail part on the rightmost side for long dresses etc. Rarely used stuff goes on the shelf at the top (or the overhang on the bed).

We honestly have so much stuff in here. It’s insane.


My stuff

⅓ of a wardrobe
3 drawers

My wife’s stuff

King size Ottoman divan filled with vac pac clothes bags
⅔ of a wardrobe
2 x 4 drawer units


This was my set up a few years back, I would have done things a bit differently now (less flowers lmao) but it was really useful! 8 used the boxes at the top for less used clothes, the hanging basket for underwear and pjs and foldable things, the hangers for non foldable things, under the bed for more clothes storage and the big basket there in the bookcase was for laundry, and the basket next to it had more clothes. It barely took up any room

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This is pretty much how K has over come the issue also


I invested in a few of these recently and they can hold so much stuff and don’t look messy cause it’s kind of soft box thing?


Did this. Some IKEA units. Is pretty handy but will need to revert back to a kids 3rd bedroom at some point

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Ooo thank you to everyone who has responded so far. This is so helpful and inspiring.

@IvorDewdney going to look into vac pack type stuff today. Such a good idea and one id considered before but completely forgot about for some reason.

@HotBeefTrauma this is great, thank you for the photos. This is also something I was thinking about but was worried at the cost.


@meowington @IvorDewdney

FUCKING HELL. I bought a vaccum pac thingy and they’re amazing. Going to go and immediately buy more!!! Thank you!!


Lots of fun doing the air too!


Oooo. do you find them easy enough to reuse? Are there any specific ones that you use? I went with the lakeland ones but they’re all quite large and would be interested in seeking out some smaller bags.

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We got ours from IKEA. They’re ok but might get some better quality ones at some point. They’re easy enough to reuse.

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