Clothing rant thread

This is a thread to post annoyances about clothes in.

To start:

  • too many t shirts shrink in length after a few washes and end up showing my stomach/waistline. ANNOYING.
  • jeans that have a weird fly on them which always reveals a bit of the zip and you swear they weren’t like that when you bought them. IRRITATING.
  • hats. I don’t suit them so I can’t wear them. GRRRRR.

Now your turn.

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Hate how I look in everything, clothes are all dickheads tbqfh


All clothes are bad


Literally can’t seem to buy waterproof shoes.

Even the ones I buy that are actually waterproof start to fall apart after about six months and stop being waterproof.

Best wishes


Clothes shopping is the most demoralising thing in the world. I hate it with all my heart. I am a size L around the shoulders and arms but if I want clothes that fit around my tits then it has to be XXL. Nothing is made for my body shape.

Fuck shopping and all who shop.


I’ve got maybe two non-work shirts that I’m happy with the fit of and another five or six that I’m not. Annoyingly, the well-fitting ones are the expensive ones and I can’t be fucked spending that much money on clothes.

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Cloth in grant thread

Don’t think there’s anything in that one


I am a size S height, with a size M body. Shouldn’t be as hard as it is to actually find clothes that fucking fit. Had to buy a new shirt this week for my suits (none of which fit) and they are all too long in the arm if they’re fine on the rest of it or too tight everywhere else if the arms are ok.

It’s the absolute fucking pits and I hate it.


Try and buy any footwear that doesn’t contain any leather or suede and you basically just end up inevitably buying two bits of kindling woven together in the dark by a couple of really lazy and not particularly attentive crows, that’s somehow attracted some sort of water spirit during delivery. Absolute chore.


I am leg 31. All jeans are either too long or too short.


C+P: difficulty of finding long-legged trousers vs difficult of finding large-waisted trousers.


Have you tried Charles Tyrwhitt or T M Lewin? They have the same shirt but with different combinations of collar, chest, sleeve, and overall fit.

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used to like wearing clothes until I got middle aged and have a belly

Fucking hate it all. I’m 6’6 and nearly 20 stone and it’s hard to find clothes in the first place let alone things that fit and I’m comfortable in. If I was a normal size/shape I’d like to be a lot more stylish but it’s just not an option.

31 waist, 28 leg please! What do you mean that doesn’t exist because I’m obviously a freak of nature for being quite short!

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On an unbelievable crotch tear run atm lads
It’s impressive


Is this #extremelypowerfulthighsproblems?

Tall and big waist - fine
Tall and skinny - fine
Tall and anywhere in the middle - literally nothing.

I’m not sure of your gender, but my TV is always telling me that my similar crotch tear issues are to do with endowment issues (she is jesting).