Cloud Nothings 2018 (Last Building Burning)




Cloud Nothings album - Life Without Sound

Fuck this sounds so good


what i’m taking from that press release is “this album sounds like the good albums and not that boring one we just did”


Let’s hope so. The last one and the accompanying tour were way below what I expect from them.




Cover art, pre-order and further notes from Baldi here


This sounds really promising, but am I the only person who liked the last album? I still think these are two of their best songs.


I really liked the last one too


It was alright but not a patch on the previous two.


Their last one was my favourite of their’s. Best hooks. Either way - new album - yay!


LOVE Cloud Nothings but yeah I was a bit underwhelmed with the last so very excited they’re releasing a new one so quickly after the last.

In a January where Cloud Nothings and Japandroids both released new albums I was very surprised to find that I was listening to the latest Elbow album the most…


Life Without Sound was better than Here and Nowhere Else. Don’t @ me




new track isn’t really doing much for me, yet





That last album was no different to any of their others


what about being worse


nah its the same, just sounds like a cloud nothings album which is good, if it was swapped places with one of their earlier albums it would have been received as well


sounds very plain imo. never reeled me in at all.


Are all your opinions that things should have been better received? Very similar to your thoughts about machina.

I love cloud nothings and the previous two were great and their gigs supporting Attack on memory and here and nowhere else were thrilling but life without sound was merely fine. Some reasonable songs but nothing close to their very best songs. Can’t even remember what the critical reception was like but both I and a friend who love them dearly separately reached the conclusion that the record was a bit meh.

Fair play if it really ticks your boxes but I find myself skipping tracks and would never choose it over the previous two to listen to all the way through.

Different strokes. Excited to see what the new stuff sounds like.