Cloud Nothings 2018 (Last Building Burning)



Took me this long to realise I did leave this vague backdoor in there


Just listened to Wasted Days and Dissolution side by side (fave tracks on each). Dissolution is amazing but Wasted Days is the best song they’ve ever committed to tape - no question


The new album is absolutely brilliant.
1-2 of Echo Of The World into Dissolution is just incredible.


Psychic Trauma.


Oh yeah it’s a goodie but it ain’t no Wasted Days


I’m starting to think the new one is the best too. As others have mentioned, the drums take it to another level and the one-two punch of The Echo of the World and Dissolution is everything that they do great peaking together. And that opener is furious.


Next we’ll be ranking the albums or something… :eyes:


I don’t really like Dissolution much. I mean it’s fine but it’s a bit self-indulgent noise rather than the focused extended greatness of Wasted Days. Edit I like the song itself I just don’t like the extended noise bit in the middle that much.

I enjoy this one a lot but Life Without Sound was much better, just more hooks and tunes in that one. Attack on Memory is still the pinnacle. TBH it’s hard to decide between them.

I do think On An Edge should probably have been a 2 minute track.


Anyone need tickets for the gig at St. Luke’s in Glasgow later this month? I have two spare cause we’re going to Massive Attack that same night.