Cloud Nothings 2020

Looks like it’s coming out next week!

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That’s fast. But good news if so.

And now I remember that Here and Nowhere Else came out in 2014, not last year…

Loved loved loved Attack on Memory, still one of the best records of the decade for me. But feel they really lost something when they became a three piece. Will still check it out obviously, hope it’s a return to form in some way.

ooh, been listening to them a lot again this last couple of weeks. excellent timing.

Fucking YES

Paging @1101010

flails wildly




So excited she emailed me too.


One of the defining bands of my late twenties really. Both Attack On Memory and Here and Nowhere Else give me a lot of feelings. So effing great. Also great live ohmygod gig please.

definite dis meet if they play london
this acoustic version always gives me the feels bigtime


When you love so many bands one can only really be allowed a full 4 years of your life. :smiley:

interesting, they’re not a band that have ever really given me ‘the feels’, i just like the noise and melody i think

what’s the general opinion here of the pre-AOM poppier stuff? i’ve only heard some of it, tried listening to the self-titled album again recently but got bored pretty quickly and turned it off. couple of singles i really like though:



Would travel over this without a doubt.

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Always a bed for you here pal!

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Just got Attack On Memory on now while I cook some food :ok_hand:

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Thanks guys!

Will probably throw on ‘Here And Nowhere Else’ after the football and yell along for half an hour.

Was listening to Here and Nowhere Else on the train to work the other week thinking “God the drumming is insanely good on this record” and hoping for a new one soon.


Also paging @anon64105032