Cloud Nothings 2020

Apparently their new album is almost finished…


These guys are pumping them out like it’s the early 80s.

Hopes not up after the last one.

Hopes not up sounds a bit like a cloud nothings song

Oh fuck yes!

Yeah I really tried to persevere with the last album and listened to it A LOT but it just didn’t stay with me and never feel the urge to whack it on like I still do with the previous two. Also thought they were a bit lacklustre touring that album whereas the previous two times I’d seen them they were fucking incredible.

I will get my hopes up for the new material cause I can be an optimist sometimes.

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Bumping this in the hopes you have all wised up to how great this is, especially in comparison to the damp squib of a follow up they released. Modern act, sight unseen, things are right with you and enter entirely are probably their four best songs.


Modern Act and Darkened Rings are two of their very best songs and I really like the album, but…

What! I think Last Building Burning is easily their best one. It feels like the album they were always meant to make but never quite did - it’s relentless and bursting with tension and anxiety. Maybe it’s because the press were somewhat over them by that point, but it’s baffling how it hasn’t surpassed Attack on Memory / Here and Nowhere Else as their widely accepted definitive album.

Not really, it’s just not as good as those two.


I think it leaves those two feeling slow and underdeveloped in comparison, Here and Nowhere Else especially (I like that album, but it’s always sort of felt like 4 great songs surrounded by lesser versions of one of them). That big exciting twist in Just See Fear is pretty much a standard moment on Last Building Burning.

Wasted Days and Pattern Walks are obviously still two of their best songs though.



The truth is


Thank you


Life Without Sound is fairly decent…however I put Enter Entirely on a CD for my Mum and she thought it sounded a lot like Oasis…which sums it up for me (unless your still a huge Oasis fan)



Oooooo might check this out.

Live from Cork! I was at this, along with about fifteen other people!


Aw yes! Some buzz

can’t remember why i didn’t go to the Button Factory gig but i’ve downloaded that one so that i can pretend i did

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I imagine a few of us were at this one


I think I was yeah!