🌧 🌪 This is now the Winds-day thread (NoahVale gets his overcoat)





Wondered why I couldn’t sleep.

It’s bloody windy


Big coats at the ready, mates.


Woke me up @ 3 this morning.


got all up in my shirt this morning

windy woo wah


Looking forward to when my uncle posts something like “Pray4Norfolk #Aileen” and then a picture of a patio chair that’s fallen over


Bit windy outside isn’t it


all is still for now round our way


Quite a nice morning here.



I won’t wear my hat today


Is this the daily thread?




I could tell something was afoot. The muddy raincoat my wife left outside the backdoor after Farm Festival back in July, had made it’s way down to the shed; entirely unorthodox behaviour if august was anything to go by.


To noisy to sleep. Ended up watching a repeat of Jeremy Kyle on ITV. They all have such bad teeth


Bit harsh on Graham


Wind kept me up half the night (lay off the burritos then!!1) coz tgere’s some gate that bangs every 5 seconds when it’s windy. Groggy af today.


This is now the cyclone thread.


This is now the Wednesday Thread

I was in Chesterfield yesterday and saw this beauty first hand:


Struggled a bit to get the car door open as it was so windy. STORM CHAOS.

Nothing to report.


It was a bit windy when I cycled in today. I probably need to buy something expensive to attach to my bike?