🌧 🌪 This is now the Winds-day thread (NoahVale gets his overcoat)


I got to the office to find a super-nerdy t-shirt delivery waiting for me:

Garden chairs knocked over.

Stay safe everyone.

Are you my uncle?

I bet the cover for the barbecue has blown away, again. Bloody wind


oh my god… the chimenea!!!

That’s quite a nice…


I also got the Entabulature one…

One of the Tory-est things ever posted on this site :uk:

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It’s totally ‘My Tornado Hell’.

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Didn’t realise that card existed, it’s awful.

Sooo erm… is this the daily thread then? It doesn’t feel like it is…


We won a chimenea recently. What’s it for?

It kind-of is and kind-of isn’t… @NoahVale - can I edit the title to include “Wednesday Thread”?

fine by me

Winds-day Thread?

I’ll get me (over)coat


Done :slight_smile:


You make a fire in it and sit around it for 10 minutes before remembering that you have a perfectly decent and warm living room to sit in.