Is a word people use now

Yeah, there’s a sign near my office that has the word clout on it actually

Good word imo, needed.
Works particularly well when combined with chaser

As I recall, many moons ago it was used to describe an act of physical violence

used in scotland to mean “hit” which i enjoy

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It’s used pretty sarcastically isn’t it, like someone’s being politically correct for the optics. Don’t like it.

I first heard this used on a program about the rise of Tourettes in young people - Scarlet Moffat asked a girl with Tourettes why she thinks there are some people faking having the condition and she replied “for clout”.

Cast ne’er a clout till May be out, is what people say, isn’t it. Bit late now, mind


Meant something very different growing up in 90s Lancashire.

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Old Welsh people will say they’ve given someone a clout too.


Is this just a Scottish thing? I’ve always known Clout to mean “hit”


there he is

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As above ^

Think it’s just anything that gets likes on social media

No one says clout anymore. DiS is out of touch

Very popular word when I was growing up. Multiple uses

Yeah I assumed if I’d noticed it it must already be past-it

Clout chasing has been a term for ages

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I said it is, u wanna clout about it

How long?