Let’s talk about clowns.

Seems strange that they’re still such a common part of the public consciousness. I don’t think clowns have been an actual thing in my entire lifetime (65 years today), yet they are regularly part of the modern discourse. For example, you rarely hear about Jesters.

Places keeping the clown concept alive:

  • McDonalds (though not even them anymore).
  • Hollywood
  • This thread

Why are clowns always there? Who has experienced a real-life clown?

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Never really understood the fear of clowns. It’s just a guy in some funny makeup getting a pie in the face


the ‘it’ film franchise
city hall


Happy 65th birfday m9


this emoji is easily the best emoji and brings me joy every time i see it: :clown_face:

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Best clown thing

  • Lots of them in a tiny car
  • Riding a tiny bike
  • Flower which squirts water
  • Big shoes
  • Custard pies
  • The makeup
  • The wig
  • Magic rope to silk
  • Balloon animals
  • Other

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Thanks rich t

Who’s this clown?


Referring to someone as a clown

  • I do this, I like doing this
  • I do this, I don’t like doing this
  • I don’t do this, I don’t like doing this
  • I don’t do this, I would like to do this

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Save it for Thursday.


i like the pie thing but i’m against all their other stunts

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The pie one is arguably the most violent. What does this say about you?

That is a very half-arsed clown

The hammer is the key thing with him

as long as the clowns are pieing each other i don’t mind

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swear there was a local clown in my town and he was called Colin, Colin the clown. Fuck you Colin!

I mean, that’s how it starts