Club Football Returns! Football Thread


Going to go full anti-bants here and say I can’t wait to see the Republic of Ireland get beaten by both the Kingdom of Denmark and Wales.

fuck the international break


Gimme some of that sweet, sweet Nations League


In the spirit of the Dutch national team, there was a very harsh red card for Accrington’s keeper on Saturday.


thank god for the international break


Really disappointed with Jose Mourinho’s touchline comments on Saturday.

He’s meant to be a role model to all the kids around the world. A shame when your heroes show their true colours isn’t it?

It’s about time for his ban this season. We always seem to win when he’s banned so let’s get it done before the Chelsea game

Klopp could literally kill the 4th official and not get a ban

Been more impressed by City’s performance yesterday the more I’ve reflected on it, Wilson on FW today (and weirdly Shearer on MOTD) summed it up well. Pep showed a kind of tactical flexibility and humbleness I don’t think he’s shown before, certainly not in England. Liverpool absolutely destroyed his team on the break each time they played before, so he instead chose to play reactively, sitting relatively far back and denying Saleh et al the space in which to break. Also notable Silva B somehow deployed as a quasi-sitting midfielder, which is not something you’d ever consider him for before.

Rip the piss out of such an expensive team choosing to play that way if you like (and point out Liverpool’s recent schedule), that’s perfectly fair. It looks to me like a template with which to prevent them from playing, though, and we need that if we’re going to stop the unthinkable.

Park the bus park the bus Guardiola


Wish he was my brother or something, just the coolest.


wonder which one of those flats he lives in?




Went in off the crossbar too. Perfection.

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<3 Bohemians (know nothing about irish football but always had a soft spot for Bohemians)

are they shithouses?

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Nah, not at all. Pretty successful club but without the cuntiness of St. Pat’s/Dundalk. Hit the skids a bit in the last few years but they’ll be back.

Fuckers did beat Cork in the league last month though. Dickheads.

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Weekend off work and it’s a fucking international break. What a stinker.

Anyone would think Mourinho hadn’t given this exact lesson last season