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lol it hadn’t even clicked for me that Micky Tarrion would be playing in that game. Christ.


please link to people writing saying messi is underwhelming this season. 11 goals is the top scorer in Europe?


thought I heard someone mention dis in south upper yesterday, that you @stupidsexyflanders ? someone else outside was wearing a six by seven t-shirt too.


No sadly not. Got the fucking win though!! :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


Home made pintxos tomorrow sound VERY tempting


Jeez, England have to play Spain again? Pining for a 3-0 against Azerbaijan you could quietly doze off to if I’m honest with you mates.


I reconsidered this opinion further on


think Vincent Kompany’s dad just got elected as mayor of a commune in Brussels
running with a centre left christian party as part of a centrist coalition. hope he’s not a nob


Well, there are only 3 teams in each Nations League group…

Would be very funny if that meant England, Spain and Croatia just play each other over and over again each international break.


WRONG, some have 4 teams


Everyone point and laugh at this loser who has done his Nations League research.




It’s been sent. Here’s the final version. I know it won’t make any difference, but it makes me feel better.

Dear “Box Office”

I am writing in response to the phone call and email I received on Friday informing me that I would no longer be able to renew my season ticket due to the creation of a singing section in block E.

I am absolutely disgusted how this saga has been handled by the club, and how the club has caved into the Holmesdale Fanatics demands.

While I appreciate what the HF have done in the past with their displays etc., I agreed with the statement the club released on the 2nd September saying the move to Block E was not practical at the current time due to there being nowhere to move fans, and it would be revisited once the new main stand was built.

Why has this since changed? Yes, the HF have stopped singing and gone on strike in protest, but surely this does not go with the ethics of a true fan. So why have you effectively given into bullies and blackmail?

I would have been perfectly happy to consider relocating once the new stand is built and/or safe standing gets the go-ahead (I’d rather be in safe standing myself), when I could have a wider choice of seats of where to relocate, but to be forced out from my long term seat is gutting and makes me feel like a second class fan with my views not being taken into account at all.

I have been a season ticket holder since 1987, in fact for some of those years I worked for the club selling programmes and lottery tickets. I’ve sat in the family section, stood on the Holmesdale terrace, sat and stood in block B, even the directors box for a couple of years, the gallery and finally where I’ve been now for the last 10 years or so which has been my favourite seat of the lot. I’ve been to 70+ away grounds following Palace including freezing cold trips to Hartlepool and Grimsby.

I have made a big group of friends of fellow Palace fans, and now you’re ripping that apart just because the HF want a better view, or because they are deemed as better fans

I don’t accept the singing section excuse, as its only 300-400 seats, not the whole block, and the HF will take the majority of that, so not exactly making it inclusive. Why couldn’t they extend further into B, or even have some over in the Arthur, for a corner of noise. That is traditionally where the singers have been and where I was as a teenager.

As for the offer, quite frankly it’s insulting. A half price season ticket for one year, which I will have no idea where it is until April or May, when the dregs of the non-renewals will be known and I’ll be scrambling for seats with the other evictees. After that I will be paying full price for an inferior seat, which may be even more expensive if all I can get is the main stand, upper Holmesdale, or Arthur Waite. Yes, I have sat in more expensive areas previously, but I downgraded my seat due to costs rather than giving up completely, which I may have no choice but to do now.

1700 loyalty points, won’t really mean anything to me, as being a loyal fan I am already towards the top of any bands for away tickets, so I always get a ticket anyway. I can’t see how this will benefit me?

Gold membership which is basically just 10% off the club shop, and a digital programme for a year, is the biggest kick in the teeth. Did you just decide you might as well chuck that in as it won’t cost anything? Might as well not have bothered.

I would have thought that some kind of compensation until the new stand is built when I would then have a choice of seats would have been a much more suitable offer.

The chap on the phone stated that they were gathering people’s opinions and letters would not be sent out until feedback was given to the powers that be. But literally 10 minutes later, I received the email, which was quite frankly condescending, impersonal and patched together, and not even signed off with a Yours Sincerely or a name, just “Box Office”. Thank you for making me feel valued.

I guess I will now have to wait to see what seats we can scrape together in April or May. But to be quite frank the way I feel at the moment, my 30 year love affair following CPFC may be coming to an end.

Yours faithfully,



Bears repeating that going on ‘strike’ in order to force your way into better seats, uprooting other longstanding fans, is both pathetic and disgusting behaviour. The fabled and deeply exaggerated Selhurst Atmosphere has very clearly gone to a number of people’s heads.


Wish Saudi would have bought us before they’d become complete pariahs.
Great timing lads


Jose Mourinho would kill for a player like this right now! #leader #legend


Still seems weird he ended up at DC United. As finished as he is at a decent level, you’d have thought a more high profile team would bite


Bring him home


That man Wayne Rooney / He’s just been on loan