Club Football Returns! Football Thread




Brilliant. Love football, me.


Tottenham have beaten Crystal Palace in the best league in the world


Wish the monk was here to see this


When it doesn’t involve Southampton, Burnley or Stockport County, I should qualify.


Brilliant game.

Would’ve been too good to be true to follow it with Boca v river I suppose…


Would Norwich, Boro and West Brom be the dullest promoted sides ever?


You mean style of football or just the same teams yoyoing? Cos half the league aren’t exactly setting the world alight with sexy football :confused:


Yeah just yoyoing, we normally get at least one that is in the top division for the first time in ages, or someone with money behind them, or some sort of fun ‘narrative’. Those three… meh. Even if the football is good.


It’s only November


Lovely to see how excited you guys have all got for Juan Foyth’s first professional goal.


West Brom going up again now are they? Fans wanted Moore sacked last week.

Anything interesting from the FA Cup today? Had a quick glance at the results earlier but didn’t see much of note.


They’re by a million miles the best team I’ve seen against us this season. Usually focus on our negatives and don’t give the opposition a lot of credit, which I think is a general fan thing, but just think they were really really good.


Didnt take Bielsa long to lose favour


No wonder Charlie Austin was so cross given it was ridiculous his goal was ruled out.


Charlie Austin :heart:
Can we just do all post-match interviews like that


Pogbas ability to be unavailable for big games is pretty staggering


Pretty annoyed that they’ve scheduled the Arsnenal game at the same time as the Manc derby, not gonna lie fellas.




Sol Bamba seems like a nice fella