Club Football Returns! Football Thread


England won’t be getting their hands on THIS BABY if you don’t get BEHIND THE LADS


i just can’t give a shit about the international team outside of tournaments

wish i could

  • I agree [England fan]
  • I disagree [England fan]
  • I agree [different nation]
  • I disagree [different nation]

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Has Southgate added a lot of people since the original announcement? I’m sure Chilwell and Barkley weren’t there


Indonesia v Myanmar at 12:30.

Should be a cracker


I disagree cause I don’t wish I could

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This falling out between Alex Mcleish & Leigh Griffiths is typical of Scotland. We always seem to have an obviously talented striker who no longer wishes to play for us (Duncan Ferguson in the 90s, Steven Fletcher around 10 years ago).


well like I still watch them but it’s a massive struggle



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Smallest child is on mascot duties tomorrow for Wales v Spain. Don’t know yet which player he’ll be making sure finds the pitch yet but if anyone has a message for a specific player let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


Please inform Ramos that he’s a great feller and we’re behind him and his actions 100%.


Yo tengo un gato blanco


must’ve been tricky


3-0 Indonesia :indonesia: wooft


Oh god I forgot about that :joy:


My new goal in life is to own this 1860 Oktoberfest shirt


It seems I am one of the fans being evicted for the Holmesdale Fanatatics. It’s the back 16 rows of my block, it’s a 36 row block and I’m row 22.

It will be interesting what kind of compensation I get offered.


Demand 90 minutes playing time, in a position of your choosing


I don’t want to help Palace out.


Ooft, that’s a beauty, but aren’t 1860 München baddies?


Hold up, I thought this had all been resolved no? Didn’t palace release a statement a while ago addressing concerns but ultimately said no-one would be moving?