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They went back on their word and released a subsequent statement saying it will happen.


Other than their owners completely fucking the club up entirely no


The offer is

Half price season ticket for next year. But then an inferior seat at the same or higher price depending on where you have to move.
1500 loyalty points. All this really does is move you up the list in getting away tickets. I’m normally in the first or second band anyway, so won’t mean anything.
10% off in the club shop. Big fucking deal.

Also won’t be able to pick a seat until everyone else renews in March or April, so it will be the dregs.

Fuck em.


said this before, but can’t reiterate how embarrassing these fake ultras are. i’ve never, ever heard of fan groups displacing other fans against their will. at my club - depor - the ultras occupy the shittiest seats behind the goal that no one wants, and they are able to do so because the ground is rarely full, with quality seats to be found elsewhere - same with other ultras groups as far as I know. petitioning the club to reserve them an entire block of seats at the expense of other supporters goes against pretty much everything decent, continental ultras stand for.

fuck those guys so much.


also, no one gives a shit about the holmesdale ultras. atmosphere seems the same as any other ground in the country even with them.


Surely the atmosphere around them now is gonna be toxic?


Also I still don’t get why they did a full u-turn. Makes them look well spineless


There was a petition with 10000 signatures.

There was no way to know if they were season ticket holders, or means to stop multiple votes. Also if you are not directly affected no ones going to care.


lol fuck sake


Wrong thread

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we’ve appointed Dean Smith and JT


Smith is a Villa fan isn’t he? Good appointment.


yeah he is, they’re trying to get the #oneofourown going


decent appointment (well, the manager one anyway, fuck Terry), hope he does well as he’s been decent for us.

reckon we’ll end up promoting our assistant manager Thomas Frank to fill the gap - was a manager before in Denmark, have always assumed the idea was to get him in, let him get the hang of the club and the Championship and then when Smith goes he takes his place.

mostly just hope it doesn’t mess our decent start to the season up - we lost Uwe Rosler to Wigan around this time of year a few years ago, appointed Mark Warburton from within and smashed the rest of the season so something similar would be nice please


This was during the very short amount of time when he was banging in goals for Sunderland!


Doug Ellis has died :frowning:


I interviewed Mark Hateley about winning the French title with Wenger:


(Last question about Monaco’s success was a few weeks ago… they’re four points adrift in the relegation zone now.)

Jardim officially gone:

Bonkers that Henry’s first job in management could be there. Also interesting that Bayern, Madrid and Man U, probably the three biggest clubs in Europe, could all be competing to get a new coach, in a limited market, over the next few weeks.

Conte, Jardim, Zidane the only big names available. Wenger, too. A stop gap til the summer and Pochettino, maybe.