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Free holidays for racists


Yes and ho!


interesting response to the problem of antisemitism in football. not saying this because its my club, but I think it could be a good idea. plus, Chelsea aren’t paying for the trips, the racists are.


Call that compensation? Fucking hell. You should be getting much more than that. That’s absolutely appalling.
Free season tickets for the next three seasons would be a bit closer to fair. I’m so irked on your behalf.
Mad that these kids can stamp their feet and throw their toys out and then just get what they want. But I guess it’s pretty indicative of these times I suppose


Really enjoyed that. Had a look through a few more articles too, some great reads on that site.


Totally. Is there no sort of association or independent body that represents supporters? I have no idea at all, but it seems very off.


It’s just chelsea that has anti semetic / racist fans though?




possibly chelsea reserves.


Thought “aw, that’s nice” when they moved back into their old, much more traditional ground as the Allianz didn’t feel like their home but it seems like they didn’t really have a choice.

Friends in Berlin tell me Hertha fans want to leave the Olympiastadion for similar reasons??


I don’t really know any Hertha fans personally as I’m an Union guy (just went to Hertha for the novelty of Olympiastadion/Europa/playing Dortmund) but it wouldn’t surprise me as although it’s an amazing stadium it’s pretty difficult to drum up much of an atmosphere BUT THAT SAID Hertha fans are a bit nothingy so it can’t just be down to the ground.

Tbh the Olympiastadion is such a money spinner for tourism they can’t really afford to play anywhere else (there also isn’t really another suitable stadium for them)


croatian mates!


Old blue last, 7pm £4/£3 NUS etc


From Zagreb to Berlin
And every DiSco I get in
My heart is pumping for shabs
Pumping for shabs and bants




Teams are in. Bearing in mind that youngest chadders will be the largest mascot I’m guessing he’ll be helping Joe Allen find his way.


Why doesnt he simply eat the others?


Seems like an unusually weak Spain team.