Club Football Returns! Football Thread


Good to see Albiol back mind


We’ve sent a very strong team to Dulwich tonight. I would like to have gone but it would have been a push to get there for 7.


Only six subs. Manager trying to send a message to the chairman?




This is gonna be a turkey shoot innit


Give it giggseh


Now besties with Saul Niguez.


France getting bantered by Iceland


Scotland :joy:


Ha I didn’t even realise we were playing


Neither did the players



As one of the lads behind me in the stand said: “at least Morata didn’t score, that would’ve been really embarrassing.”

Quite good side, Spain.


Dolly Parton, Chadder Jr. and David Moyes are names I’d have above Alex McLeish for any football management gig.


The only other teams Israel have beaten in the last 4 years are Liechtenstein and Andorra


Genuinely thought it was Strachan in charge


Genuinely thought Craig Brown was still at it


He plays for celtic


Give it George Burley til the end of the season


Very surprised that Owen coyle has never had a crack at it