C'mon day

Morning you brilliant bunch of DiSers :sunny:

What’s for breakfast?
What you got on today/this week?
If you could be another DiSer for one day who would it be???


Fuck, the flash went off when I took that. I’m on the train.

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My shoulder is still a bit dodge so leaning forward to try and figure out what “Conker oats” really was was an effort. Quaker oats though, aren’t they porridge? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Or do they do cereal too?

EDIT: Excellent diagram btw :smiley: :+1:


Shirt and trousers, mostly


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Hullo. Eating peanut butter and toast, drinking coffee. Havent got to leave for half an hour, not sure what to do tbh. Bit bored. Hoping work isnt awful.

Morning Witches! I’m ill for some reason so I’ll probably work from bed this morning until I feel better. Had my first DiS dream last night :grimacing:

Had cereal for breakfast. Got a busy week planned: doing a careers talk at my old uni tomorrow then flying off to Switzerland for work on Wednesday. If I could be another DiSer for the day it would be Kallgeese because his life always seems so much fun and Cork is lovely.


Foppyish :star_struck: dat accent

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Without any other details I’m afraid I’m going to have to presume it was a filth dream :wink:

Get well soon!!

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Losing the will to live here guys, ngl. Getting my lid cut at 9 so getting away from this cardboard nightmare for a bit. Happy to swap with any South London DiSer.

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Which Diser is richest? So I can make some uhhhhh key bank transfers on their behalf


Waking up to the news of a shooting in Las Vegas, not sure it even warrants a thread as it’s impossible to keep up

Probably not worth it, especially with the amount of details we currently have as it’ll just lead to speculation and nastiness.


Yep, packing and moving is awful BUT surely the excitement of getting into beardy dream house out weighs the doom? YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

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That feeling has yet to arrive yet but once this shit hits yer man’s Luton van my beardy dreams will be on the horizon :heart_eyes:

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I would have to say, the best of the DISers.

CG’s 55K job must have gone up quite a bit since he posted that, so maybe him?

Day 1 of commute into London from Surrey. I miss London. Had a nice coffee at the station though - not like the expensive sludge I usually have to put up with in London.


They were one of the first people to introduce the concept of cereal with milk (though Wikipedia tells me that cornflakes and the like came in later)


And thanks! I had a limited amount of time.

Morning all!

I have the day off so I’m going to spend it playing guitar through far too many pedals and drinking tons of coffee.

Breakfast was granola, yoghurt and berries. It was alright ta.