C'mon guys, its Sunday!

I know you’re awake, why no thread?

Nothing to report here other than lots of rain.


Reading about hypnobirthing so I can be a good birth partner. Sunday lunch with my grandparents then the long drive from Bristol back to Leeds.


Barely slept due to my stupid brain. In work til 4.30. These things are really not compatible.

:sleeping: :sleeping:

Still ill. Think it’s flu, although I don’t have as high a temperature as other times i’ve had it. However someone at work has just been off with it and came back before he was completely better so it could be his fault.

Slept badly last night but waking up to this cat child is a good tonic


Had another good night’s sleep. Still knackered. Given the baby breakfast and now having mine. Got my parents visiting later. That’s about it really

Had a nightmare involving lots of shooting and ‘so-called’ Islamic State

Have nightmares quite often these days

Someone was murdered outside my front door last night. Fortunately neither my gf or I were in but feels really strange. Mum just sent me a news link but saying it was on my road, but then had a look on Twitter and it is quite literally outside my house.

Headed home in a bit, expecting the police will be asking questions about the area etc

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A message to all my fans:

good morning


A message to shrewbie from one of his many fans.

good morning to you too


Oh no, that’s awful. Hope you’re both ok and have somewhere else to stay if you need to get away.

I’ve experienced something similar (twice in fact). No advice but if you need to chat let me know.

I miss summer.

Rob Delaney is huge.

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Cba with the chinese new year parade as its felt like i could be squashed to death the last two years we braved it BUT i remembered my office has huge floor to ceiling windows and overlooks Albert Square where it starts so might take Jnr into the office and watch it from up there all smug and not crushed.


Just up.
Flights at 4.
Maybe a Bloody Mary.

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Where you going to Lopes?

prawn & chilli omelette. prawmlette.


My logic was that if it takes longer than you think, you won’t be up all night

I had similar happen in my old flat a few years ago (was in the stairwell a few metres from my front door), it felt really unreal more than anything and it was surprising how easy it was to get on with things.

Hope you and your gf are ok x

State of this when I woke up

Going to Nandos for lunch and then watching :brick: :clapper: :two: this afternoon

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