C'mon guys, its Sunday!

prawn & chilli omelette. prawmlette.


My logic was that if it takes longer than you think, you won’t be up all night

I had similar happen in my old flat a few years ago (was in the stairwell a few metres from my front door), it felt really unreal more than anything and it was surprising how easy it was to get on with things.

Hope you and your gf are ok x

State of this when I woke up

Going to Nandos for lunch and then watching :brick: :clapper: :two: this afternoon

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Sounds like absolute quackery from the name, but once you get past all the new age sounding rubbish at the edges it basically is just good training in relaxation techniques :+1:


Anyone want coffee? My round!


Obviously went back to sleep in the middle while it was brewing :joy:

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Obviously went back for a cheeky wank whilst it was brewing

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In which way?

Turn the 3rd from last photo upside down and it looks like there’s a lovely little bear in there :slight_smile:

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That 1m20s won’t fill itself.


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Getting up close and personal?

Anglos all,

I did an enjoyable amout of laughing last night, mostly due to Zoe Lyons talking at us for an hour and a half.

Really hungry. Also, I’ve got a tender left ear and I’m not sure why. Oooh! There’s rugby later. Nice.

Just going to sit around chanting “TRAIL OF DEAD! TRAIL OF DEAD!” until about 8 o’clock.


Yep, it makes a lot of sense :slight_smile:

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Coming home from Amsterdam! Could happily stay out here for longer, love Amsterdam.

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Been up since 5:30am with da kidz. But baby is now napping and boy is out so relaxing with a hot cross bun and coffee no.234 in front of a vase of dead daffodils

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Awesome. Congrats I guess? Missed this if it isn’t news!

I loved hypnobirthing.