C'mon now evening thread

Stop holding out on us.

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I’m watching Cracker, drinking a cider then going to put my best 70s jumpsuit on and go and watch our eric make a racket.

Wuu2 huns?

Watching Grand Designs just now, then the football, then maybe Love Is Blind. Think I’m going to get a pizza too.

I fucking love Thursdays tbh.

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Never associate you with pizza. Hope you have some heavily buttered baguette with it

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All the times I’ve been stuck at Clapham junction today is the first time it occurred to me to venture out to Clapham and get some food

I shall be adopting “all Catherine times” in my vocab henceforth

Anglos and all Catherine times to you too


Geraldine Somerville is so fucking great

I still don’t know what the anglos thing is

I once said something like “i hope you’re all having a good a sunday as those squirrels” that I’d seen playing but autocorrected “as good as” to “anglos a” amd it was on a sunday so it became a sunday greeting…anglos a sunday


Not much planned this evening.

Do you ever leave a work meeting thinking “oh gosh, I could really do with someone telling me that what I said in the meeting was useful and constructive and not a load of waffle”?

(Neither do I, I was just asking)

i do, though

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Cycled to work and back after 3 weeks of no bike (including a week with a bad chest) and it’s absolutely done me in.

Sos, mash and beans for tea. Got Heinz beans for the first time in maybe years and they taste weird.

Watch TV for a bit and then bed.

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I ate the spaghetti and beans m didnt want the other night thinking I’d rather not waste food (but am mostly veggie). Horrifed to say that i really bloody liked it. (Horrified for my veggie ways not snobbery). I love really horrible meat, dont care for steaks but a tin of processed mush - omg yes pls


I had a meeting the other week and someone politely shut me down, afterwards someone else apologies for putting me on the spot, now I’m really paranoid how bad must my waffling have been if someone had to intervene and someone else felt the need to apologise for asking my view in the first place

I’ll add it to my spellcheck dictionary

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For these reasons i am mostly mute in meetings then send a massive email of my thoughts afterwards (that most people probably don’t read but it makes me feel like I’ve displayed some competence even after the fact when it night be too late?)

Meetings are silly


I quite like putting my thoughts in a Teams chat.

Can’t really do that with a face to face meeting though!

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We had Richmond sausages as well. Proper low quality mushy things but I do like them


Fish cakes and rice for dinner. I had a gig pencilled on for tonight, but I haven’t got a ticket, and it’s miserable out, so I’ll be staying in. I need to get up early tomorrow anyway.

In other news, Holly has acne. Who knew cats even got acne? I guess she is a teenager in cat years

My rats got a sort of acne and its too gross to post about but my god, i had some satisfying moments with them

Yeah, I could tell that both the vet and Holly were quite enjoying the scans being picked off.

The thing is, we only took her to the vet because she has discolouring on her white chin. What’s to say Pascal isn’t suffering too and we can’t see it because his chin is black?