C'mon Rick/ You're not a prize/ You made tortilla/ And some people cried... - The Steinal Countdown

Rick Stein observations…





Tom Kerridge first up


I got the recipe book for Xmas, so I’m looking forward to singing along with this week’s episode.

Yucutan this week. Looking forward to him going on the razz in Cancun.

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I’ve lost a lot of time for Kerridge since he lost all that weight.

I don’t think it’s at all healthy for him to be talking about cutting out carbs.

How so, out of interest?

Is Rick back tonight, not sure I’m ready

This is actually one of those horrific shaming-the-fat telling you to lose weight and stop drinking logic of capitalism wellbeing shows
Fuck him to hell bring back Stein


It just sounds like another one of those fad diets - he’s already laying into cutting out booze completely and most carbs. The whole thing doesn’t sound sustainable in the long term and the weight will roll back on once he slips.

I’m totally behind eating less food and doing more exercise as a weight loss method (and I’ll probably try some of these because that SF chicken looked good) but he’s not really encouraging these people to eat differently or move more, just cook his versions.

I haven’t got any time for those Diet Cults and this just feels like a variety of Weight Watchers or something.

Back IN time for Stein

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Mexican’t* watch this because I’m in the pub.
(*Apologies to Salam Hayek for nicking her gag from the Desperado sequel, but I like it.)

iPlayer it via your phone dummy. This is the TV event of the year! I’ve been on the beer in anticipation

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@laelfy - As the resident medical professional, can I have a beer and still take Amoxycillin for a chest infection?

I’m in the Waterloo Tap and they’ve got the tunes on. It’s what iPlayer at home is for. Saw the whole of the Ken Burns Vietnam documentary like that when I’d had my ankle op. Rick is waaaaaay less harrowing.

Make sure to read the thread back for a real time experience then.

RiP Keith

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Yes it’s fine. Maybe not a crate though.

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hope the big man really goes for it and leaves everything out on the pitch tonight

i want to see someone crying god damn it