C'monday thread of CBA

Not feeling it today Clives. How was your weekend?

This is my first day back in work since the 14th.

What is… anything

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Great news yer man OBT’s been banned.

What a deeply unpleasant, angry human-being.


oh my god i am so tired, not sure what happened last night but i reckon i got about 2 hours sleep

had an absolutely incredible weekend with the bicycle wankers, what a fucking great bunch of lads tbqh, so much love for everyone


Weekend was good. Got out climbing both days. Helped undo my mum kicking out my youngest brother. Played lots of video games. Would weekend again.


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Trying to WFH today, son was mega sick so keeping him off school. Of course he is bouncy as fuck now so I won’t be getting much done.

Well I’m in work for the final week, doing nothing for 30 days more pay, so.
TV was down to visit yesterday so went to the British Library to see the Russian Revolution exhibition, really good stuff. Got to see the Magna Carta up close too because I hadn’t yet and then went and got drunk somewhere by Trafalgar so that was nice.


Had a nice weekend apart from working on Saturday.
3 day week this week and off to Krakow on Thursday morning.

great weekend but now reeeeaaalllly cba doing anything at all today

also going to have to diet like a bastard all this week to atone for my sins which will be rubbish.

:coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

Morning Morning!! …As I wrote that I yawned very hard :tired_face:

I had a very excellent weekend thanks J_I!! How was yours?

@japes me too :confused: I can’t seem to stick to a diet at the moment at all :sob:

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on the way back down yesterday we stopped at a service station and i got a massive chilled coffee / caramel thing from costa and holy fucking shit it was just so incredible and now i am scared i have started something that i will not be able to stop :confused:

then we got home and ordered turkish pizza :confused:

Had a brilliant weekend in Scarborough with this absolute great bunch of GBOLS.

Genuinely brilliant. Proud to know such great musicians and brilliant friends.

Today is work again and thus shite. Tired.


Listening to Will Self on the radio. Hmmmm

Supposed to be cleaning the house. Kids and Mr s left at half seven. So far I have gone back to bed to drink tea and then had a bath. NEED motivation.

Mine was very lovely thanks! Met a brand new and very chill baby yesterday in Warwick seeing some pals. Had some pizza and beers, happy days.

I trust the meat went as well as expected?

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oh my god i forgot something

i had a pizza with frazzles on



all the frazzles!


Done that thing where I’ve taken on too much work again haven’t I.

Solo Hotelier part II tomorrow night, was well good on Saturday at the tiniest gig I’ve ever been too and in the tiniest room.

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is that right aye?


Ooo, sounds lovely indeed! I met a pretty chilled out baby the other week too. It had some excellent facial expressions, I love how babies can go from snoozy/happy to EXTREMELY AGHAST in seconds :joy:

Aye, the meat was brilliant. Unsurprisingly everyone is even better in RL. It made me want to rent out a castle and gather all the DiSers for a weekend. Fancy it?


Hahaha, WHAAAAAT!? What is this sorcery you speak of!?!

EDIT: @japes does that basically taste like the innards of Kinder Choco-bons?!