C'monday thread of CBA

i am sorry

(no i am not)

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Hey everyone

Good weekend

Did very little Friday night (as planned). Kids all weekend - ended up buying shit loads of furniture somehow.

Couple of beers in a beer garden last night - there were 2 extremely drunk girls in the garden too, one of them had a massive sweary row with someone on the phone. I would have been very scared to be on the wrong side of her, luckily we were BFFs as we lent them a lighter and fixed a broken ciggy with some Rizla for them

Not much else to report

This is why I tend to stay away from those things cause soon as I want one, I want them all of the time.

I’m into starbucks cold brew tho which is quite nice

This looks absolutely incredible.

IncrEDIBLE. I will eat this. Where did you get it?

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Is this some kind of LARPing business?


Morning all. Did that horrible thing of having panicky dreams which meant I woke up drenched in sweat thinking it was really late and I’d missed my alarm and actually it was like 2 or 4am. What’s up with that.



I thought I was being a massive philistine by having crayfish on mine yesterday.

The name makes it all the better.

@Jeremys_Iron I had to look up what that was. It’s no surprise to me that Epimer was one of the first people to like this.


don’t think i’ve had a choco-bon, but from the look of it… yes

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Thought the whole line up were great on Saturday.

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LARPing is too penoid for me. It’s more of a Theo thing.

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I learned a lesson in booking flights early this week. Going to a wedding in the UK on Saturday, and for a variety of reasons I hadn’t booked flights til this weekend. So to save money I am flying from Stockholm to Cluj in Romania, waiting there for 6 hours, then flying to London. Absolute idiot.

Anyone have any recommendations for Cluj between midnight at 6am?

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only available from @plasticniki


Does Cluj airport have a bar?

If so, then there’s your answer.

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Yeah agreed, I felt a bit bad sneaking in a couple of songs before the end of the first guy’s set as he was really good and the door was so fucking noisy. Ended up having a chat with Christian at the end, great bunch o’ lad for humouring a couple of drunk people slurring “I like your music”.

Everyone is being well annoying already and it’s only 9:40. Everyone shut up ffs you’re too loud.

I used the word ‘brilliant’ three times in this post.

Sorry everyone.