Co-op Live

Do you know that Co-op are building a music venue in Manchester?

I didn’t.


Yes but only because it was touted as a potential eurovision venue… that eventually went to the M&S arena in Liverpool. Supermarkets love venues.

2 tickets to Taylor Swift and 1 garlic baguette for £7.99


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When it comes to naming rights and all that, are we basically just looking at marketing departments who want free gig tickets, managing to convince their employers to spend trillions in order to get them? Because fair play to them if so.


You’re listening to Co-Op Radio, coming to you from the Co-Op Live Arena! That’s why there’s so much echo. Here’s The Shape of You!


this is part funded by Harry styles isnt it? amongst others in a big consortium.

Id say with the coop its a bit different. Deffo an advantage being the first person to sponsor a building - as that generally sticks even after its changed hands. But with this coop have been hands on in getting apprentices from their academies involved, building sustainably as possible and a few other bits. Sure springsteen was involved in the design inside :sweat_smile:

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One of the most annoying things ever this rumour. It was never going to be ready in time. Whoever came up with that rumour I hope gets a talking to by a parent/guardian for telling lies.

As for the place itself I think it’s a really bad idea in a place that is a pain in the arse to get back from on an evening when you have to catch a train. Blame the last Labour government for the casino not happening for this.


Used to work at the co-op Pyramid in Stockport and the air system was so fucked. People were sick constantly

Love that building. It’s so shit.


A co-operatively run music arena would be a wonderful thing.


Yes and its a really really bad idea.

Manchester really knows how to fuck itself over and close down all the venues that helped it succeed.

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the canteen was quite good on the days they did curries, but fuck me I’ve never been so frequently ill than during the year or two I worked there. and don’t get me started on the pay.

the computer systems we used were totally fucked too. the banking sector is nuts. the account software was black and white MS Dos stuff from 1989 with keyboard only support.


They’re really fucking it


I won two free tickets to see Elbow at this place, so was planning to take my mum in two weeks.

Will the arena be sorted by then? Who knows! Looking forward to probably getting a 6pm text announcing it’s cancelled when we’re already on our way into Manchester :woman_shrugging:

Woah, I too had to navigate Cogen in the Stockport Pyramid in my youth


That’s a tough one. Cancel now & potentially miss out or hope they’re ready & potentially travel for nothing :frowning:

Not the greatest business plan to open a multi-million pound venue in Manchester by pissing off the collective fanbases of Olivia Ridrigo, Take That, Elbow, Boogie wit da Hoodie & Peter Kay


I hope for your sake they get it sorted


The discussion everywhere (not just here all people are talking about is fucking co-op live, 1st thing someone mentioned in the office this morning) that it might be the Eagles gigs which start on 31st May until it is actually ready and even then your mate’s brother’s fire safety mate thinks it could be longer but the guy in the Oxford Arms reckons it’ll be ready next week.

Basically who knows but everybody is buzzing about it falling on its arse.

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A rejuvenated Barry Hogan frantically on the phone to them trying to book some festivals there ‘as soon as possible’