Co-Op Supersaver Ultras (Rolling)

:musical_note: Do yourself a favour
Be a liquor saver
Liquor save
Liquor save at Kwik Save :musical_note:

Supermarkets within a mile of my house
Big Sainsbos
Big Tesco
Big Morrisons
Medium Tesco
Medium Waitrose
Little Waitrose

It really is! I’ve just obviously never paid the slightest but of attention to their logo.

Whoever came up with this cut-and-shut name shop in Birmingham does. (It wasn’t me, btw, but Safeway was where we went for The Big Shop when I was a boy.)

Back on topic, Co-op’s four for £7 beer offer is very decent if you’re shopping local. Obvs not as good as M&S three for a fiver, but that’s not as good as Morrisons’ four for £6.

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Before Netto, Lidl and Aldi were big over here, Tesco was thought of as the most low-rent supermarket. It was only really the Prunella Scales ads that made people go, before that they just had huge, bland, budget supermarkets.

Vividly remember “yer mam shops at Tesco” being pretty much the biggest insult you could get in the early nineties. They used to do an own-brand bread with a yacht on it and if your mam wrapped your butties in the wrapper you’d get called Spinnaker Skeg.


We’ve got minimum pricing in Wales now as of this month - as long as the offer does not fall below the minimum unit price it’s allowed.

Hey @profk

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no longer live

Freezer Fillers looks dece

I miss the co-op

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