Co-Op Supersaver Ultras (Rolling)

swore I would have a day off the booze today…this is painful

coke or non-alcoholic beer is available!

@Funkhouser, @urbanfox - inflation is real





Oi oi saveloy


I read this to the tune of Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk by Rufus Wainwright

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Ghostbusters Yes GIF



Wow it’s back?

Offer valid from 10 August 30 August 2022 when you buy 2 x Co op Stonebaked Pizzas (choose from Stonebaked Pepperoni Pizza 327g or Stonebaked Margherita Pizza 320g) AND 1 x Budweiser 4 pack (choose from Budweiser Bottle 4x300ml or Bud Light Bottle 4x300ml or Budweiser Zero Can 4x330ml) in one transaction. Subject to availability. Varieties as stocked. Please drink responsibly. See in store or online for more details.

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Never feels like I’m saving when I get 4 beers I won’t drink that just sit in my fridge until the end of time. Can anyone confirm coke zeros are in on this deal, please?

^thats the bumpf that came out internally so doesn’t look like it.
how much are 4 cokes? Ill buy your beer off you for £2 :sweat_smile:

edit: I bet 4 cokes are about a fiver in coop arent they :grimacing:

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Those pizzas cost about £4 usually anyway so worth it even without the beer imo

They’re almost always included these days. Good to know I can give you my beers for future reference. Always think I should keep them in in case anyone drops in unexpectedly but the last time I had an unexpected visitor was…in the 90s.

I agree but I have OCD and hate having things I don’t need or want in my flat. Makes me have a bit of a meltdown, and sometimes I ask if I can leave them and the shop have said no!

(problem now solved by giving them to m_w_t)

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first off sorry, this is not the pizza deal. however - this isnt bad either (if you eat chicken)


M loves those curries loads, famous vegetarian child that she is (they seem overwhelmingly sauce though?) The onion bhajis i love are on it too and coke zero so we were both glad to see this offer on and it’s kept me in bhaji sandwiches the last few days.

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