Co-workers' Music Taste

Anyone respect the people around them at work, at least in a musical sense?! I mainly get talk about going to see Sean Mendes etc etc, but a fifty-yearold woman was just chatting to me about Cattle Decapitation and grindcore. She also plays the sax. I think I might be in love!


one girl is really into disney, the rest dont like music as far as I can tell

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Very rarely. A guy I used to work with has great taste, and someone here likes Pink Floyd, but mostly they’re all booking tickets to Ed Sheeran and ‘only really listen to Beyonce’.

No, I pretend I do, but if you listen to nothing but capitol radio a few minutes a day I don’t see why I should pay your tastes the slightest heed. Still easier to just let them have an hour or two with it on eh.

Not really.

A work friend religiously goes to Glastonbury every year and always asks me to recommend bands he should see.

Then he posted himself on Instagram watching the Cortinas or the Pigeon Detectives or someone like that. Don’t know why I bother.


One boss likes Bon Jovi and Brian Adams.

One boss likes Pink Floyd, disco, and lots of Eurovision and Christian rock.

One has no apparent interest in music.

One has a taste in music I’ve talked about on here before - REALLY likes Nickelback, which I can respect, but one of her playlists was the direct inspiration for a thread called “Songs You Could Quite Happily Never Hear Again”.

The work experience lad today put on Oasis and Jake Bugg, and when it was my turn moaned that the music I chose had “no words” in it.

Oh I used to work with someone who enjoyed a lot of Alt Country type stuff (which I like too)

he left to start his own record label. Lucky bugger

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My boss is a big Ed Sheeran fan. Used to live 2 doors down from him so gets backstage passes and stuff.

Favourite anecdote. A taxi with Ed in broke down halfway down their street. He was literally middle-of-the-road.


lots of people with at least some crossover music taste in my department. Sometimes go to gigs with a few of them. We do end of year album lists as well which is good as other than here it’s my only real chance to display my impeccable taste

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And what of their musical tastes?


One person I work with constantly gets me into some awesome minimal techno and minimal house but other than that? Nah

Some really great taste at my work, but equally so much wimpy Ed Sheeran bollocks so it sort of cancels out.

Wouldn’t know. Only had one conversation which started and ended with The Beatles. He kept extolling the virtues of Yellow Submarine, so…

Couple of workmates go to Glastonbury, but mostly watch Pyramid/Other stage every year so :+1: for them; my department head goes to a super-serious music quiz, and proper knows her stuff… Most the rest are kinda not-that-into music.

My manager was in a fairly successful post-Libertines indie band, played Glato and Brixton Academy, toured with lots of bands I really liked (though I wasn’t familiar with his band beyond knowing the name). Ironically he actually hates indie music and is massively into UK Garage, classic jungle, D&B etc.

Out of the 14 people in my department, a week after I started there, three of them upon seeing the t-shirt I was wearing exclaimed, “Oh! You like the Cramps?!” Which isn’t a bad percentage, I guess.

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My boss is your classic 40 year old ‘muso’. Loves Jazz (and is a member of a jazz ensemble), has a mug with Smiths lyrics on.

Another colleague likes Ed Sheeran and calls the Foo Fighters, the ‘Foos’.


I see quite a few people from my office at gigs and will have conversations about recommendations at work.

I thought Jim had requested a song on Marc Riley but apparently it was another man with the same name who worked at the college before I did.

Cant stand normies who dont like music. Bet none of my idiot coworkers even know who jeff Mangum is :laughing: :laughing: :joy:


My boss is in his mid fifties, he likes old punk bands and used to live in a squat in his 20s apparently. He was quite jealous when he found out about some the supports to Green Day last week. Mainly Stiff Little Fingers, The Damned and The Stranglers.

But he’s a very middle class Tory who went to public school.

The other people in my office mainly listen to Kiss.