Coal Talk II: No Presents for You

Anyone on the naughty list?

My wife’s friend at school was apparently a total shit aged 16 and was warned by her parents to expect a bundle of sticks for Christmas if she kept it up.

And they followed through! Wrapped up and gave her some clothes pegs and a bundle of sticks. (I hear she laughs about it now.)


We almost did this it turns out. Suddenly realised we each thought the other had packed the main present for our daughter: those trainers with wheels in the heels.

Got to a big sports shop with 10 mins to closing and found the last pair in her size to buy like some shit out of Jingle All The Way. JFC!

Ironically if you had a pair of your own, you could have got there half-hour before closing.


Would love to see Theo in heelies

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I think I must be, our roof started leaking last night :frowning:

More on topic though I’ve seen a few screen shots of “tips for improving kids’ behaviour at Christmas” from Facebook groups, and good grief some parents are arseholes and there are whole books and support groups to enable them. Like the tip of wrapping up empty boxes and throwing one in the fire when your child misbehaves :grimacing: vile

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I remember one year, reading a letter that my eldest has written to Santa, that said how she was worried that she was on the bad list and that she probably didn’t deserve any presents :frowning: :frowning:

We’re by no means perfect as parents but we’ve always been affirming with her and we’ve never threatened to cancel Christmas or anything like that. But I remember in the run-up to Christmas when she was younger, you’d just get shop assistants and random people asking her “have you been good for Santa?” and so on… it’s insidious.