Coat in a cold climate (another foppyish recommendation thread)

I’m looking for a big waterproof coat that’ll be good for sub-zero temps (and maybe some snow boots, I’m assuming I’ll need them). From looking around, it looks like I might need to spend about a hundred notes on the coat in the sale? It’s not something I’d have bought before so there are probably places that sell them that I’m not aware of. I’m checking TK Maxx, Land’s End (never heard of them before), Debenham’s (boring), Cotswold, Blacks and O’Neils (they describe some coats and shoes as gnarly which is great). Is 100 notes about right and is there anywhere else I should check?

cheers my online friends

At the risk of being a technical clothing pedant, if it’s sub-zero you won’t need it to be waterproof as it’ll only have to deal with snow, which is much easier for fabric to shed. Synthetic down stuff like this is good because it’s super warm, light and if you do end up with rain it’ll keep you warm/dry: You might find something similar in a sale for £100 if you’re lucky.

Apologies if you’re not a technical coat twat.

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I am at best, a novice technical coat twat so your help is appreciated.

I am also interested in this thread, as a novice technical coat twat.


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where bounce u goin fopps?

(I love Alpkit’s stuff)

Helsinki! It’s possible that it will turn out not to be all that cold (guy from work was just there and it was relatively mild) but I probably need to be on the safe side. I can’t imagine a duffel coat and a pair of vans will do the trick if it’s cold. I don’t really like to get stuff I’ll use just once and never again, maybe I’ll just book more trips to cold places.

This is very true. I forked out loads for a North Face parka when I went to Canada. It was great - wore it in -30 temps with just a shirt on underneath. It was hopeless in London though - never got cold enough, and if it rained it was like wearing a wet sleeping bag.

Tell you what aren’t bad for the money - the ones in Uniqlo. They’re dirt cheap.

Just chuck one of these over your regular coat

Do you mean this one?

Only XS left


Oh, just noticed that you said £100

: /

That’s alright. It looks like a nice cape though.

Yeah, a friend has one & I’m always well jealous on those days when it goes from freezing rain to driving sleet to snow & then back again

Stockholm has a fairly similar climate to Helsinki. Personally I find that quality footwear, socks, gloves, hat & scarf are more important as you can always layer up when it comes to jacket/coat. Having said that I have about 7 different winter jackets for different degrees of weather/different types of going out

I recently got a new N-3B parka. So very warm and quite (though not officially) waterproof. The style is not for everyone, certain older generationers will accociate them with geeks or skinheads :confused:

Alpha industries seem to have cornered the market a the moment:

You can get various of these off amazon for around 100-150

Not that long ago, I wouldn’t have been fussed on a parka like that but I’ve come to quite like them now.