any love for COBRAH here?

this is the EP of the year for me

this track … the production is chef’s kiss

the lyrics are filth by the way, brilliant stuff, especially on this

she sings this refrain ‘fuktskadad’ which is the Swedish term for like rising damp/water damage - it literally translates as ‘moisture injury’ but obviously with ‘fukt’ there’s even a triple entendre

any other COBRAH fans out there?

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A bit late replying to this but I’ve been going through 2021 releases in depth month by month and this EP was the last thing in my May playlist. It’s great, and yes Good Puss is absolutely one of the tracks of the year!

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So COBRAH just signed with Atlantic

I hope she goes massively overground. This COBRAH EP still absolutely bangs and there’s an album in out soon