🍸 🍸 Cocktail thread 🍹 🍹

Let’s get down to some top-level cocktail chat please!

All topics welcomed: what gear do you use at home, what’s your go-to drink to make yourself, what do you have when you go out, what’s your fav spirits, been to any great cocktails bars lately?

(Also is Cocktail actually a good film? The questions never end)

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All I know is you can’t really beat a good Bloody Mary as far as anything goes tbh, just the nicest things.

Whiskey sours and Old Fashioneds are also delicious but will make you broke and fuck you up for days

It died a bit of a death anyway tbf.

Cherry old fashioned. Second one down.

Don’t drink cocktails in this country because they cost a fortune and contain fuck all alcohol.

Sweet strong and fruity

Anything with cherries in. Pina coladas. Espresso martinis.

LOVE a cocktail


The world’s most dangerous drink


Cocktail isn’t a good film, it’s a great film. :+1:


Could really go an Americano rn.

My friend made us something called an Aviation recently and it was absolutely lethal, 3 or 4 and I was hammered. I think it’s just vodka diluted with some kind of licquer

edit: decided not to lazily float around the facts

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Think about this excellent lad I had at Bramble a couple of years ago at least once a week

Whisky, yellow chartreuse, bitters and a couple of other things I can’t remember. Girt big ice cube. Amazing.


Love making old fashioneds and espresso martinis at home. Dead easy and you can make them just how you want.

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Love a Mojito me. And the odd Old Fashioned. And the odd Caiprinha

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Boozy ones, sweet ones, sour ones, long ones, short ones. Don’t give a fuck, straight in my gob

(people ordering 4 different cocktails in a round at busy bars on a friday/Saturday night need dropping firmly in the bin, mind)

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White Russian, margarita are my go to ones but I rarely get em. Always meant to have a wee night out where it was cocktails only but it would be slow and expensive and potentially annihilate me. At least with beer I can regulate what is happening to me. Love a cocktail on holiday though.

A good dark & stormy might be my favourite drink

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mostly shite imo

White Russians are great though