Cocktails (woohoo)

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What’s your favourite cocktail?

Got any good cocktail recipes?

Any festive cocktails planned for Christmas?

The supermarkets here are always full of loads of cocktail ingredients so I’d like to try some new cocktails over Christmas.

Chat encouraged.

NB. Sing the title to the Ducktales theme tune please.

Old fashioned for me usually. Dead easy to make.

Espresso Martinis are great too


I like an espresso martini

Also a pornstar martini (excuse the terrible name)

Anything fairly sweet and fruity

Mine’s a cheeky vimto. In a jug please

Have you had a French Martini? They are great and really easy to make. If you like pornstar martinis you’ll probably like them (they are sweet and fruity).

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I like an old fashioned. I like negroni too.

I’m too caffeine sensitive to ever drink espresso martinis! :laughing: :crazy_face:

That looks right up my street! I have some chambord so could give it a go

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I had to google this. It sounds…interesting! :laughing:

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*woo woo


Quite partial to a dark and stormy


Just googled this and it sounds similar to a Jamaican Mule (which I love).

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Had the following at our wedding

dark and stormy
White Russian
old fashioned
passionfruit bellini

Had far too many white Russians and old fashioneds


A margarita on the isla mujeres in mexico was the best single cocktail ive ever had. So much salt. Such nice tequila.

Boy would i like to be in mexico right now.



Literally named my 5 favourite cocktails (plus bellini)

I really like non alcoholic cocktails, I prefer cold drinks to hot drinks but don’t really enjoy drinking juice or plain water, and fizzy drinks are good but not always. Anyway non alcoholic cocktails are good for this gap, really like using mint or passionfruit as flavouring the best. Everything I make is either with fizzy water or lemonade as the base, so lemons too

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Was a very fun day

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No doubt!

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At home:

  • Old Fashioned (bourbon, rye or tequila)
  • Tommy’s margarita
  • Gimlet (ideally with my homemade lime cordial which KILLS)
  • Trinidad sour (can’t recommend enough, so unusual - bitters as the main ingredient so it’s potent but very well balanced)
  • Whisky sour (ooh not had in a while, should make tomorrow)

If I’m out I’ll try most things that aren’t super sugar bombs, happy with most base spirits although vodka seems like a bit of a waste to me

I’ve had whisky/coffee/chilli off-menu cocktails made for me in a few places in town and they’ve been some of the best things Ive ever had. Just love that combo. Would totally buy some Ancho Reyes to help me replicate them but … that’s a pricey bottle for something I won’t use often


Absolutely getting myself some of this to help in that coffee area though, basically wanky kahlua

Hoping for some tequila and new bitters for Xmas so can expand my range even more. Fun Trinidad sour recipe also