Cocktails (woohoo)

The trick is in keeping the doors closed and trying to ignore it as many evenings of the week as possible…

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Started hitting up some of the legit impressive NYC spots, with equally impressive price tags


So didn’t get to nearly as many famous spots as I wanted, some bad planning going on

But I did manage to sneak into the most famous Brooklyn cocktail joint, just before I leave. Got a Blue Velvet and it’s one of the best drinks I’ve ever had


Throne of blood please.

Core beliefs sounds good too but milk punch sounds a bit too creamy for my tastes.


clarified milk punches aren’t creamy really, it’s an odd process which makes a clear drink with some of the rougher alcohol edges rounded off - no actual milk in the end product

I made something similar last year

Port of call has just gone onto the christmas cocktail list.

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Got one of these aromatic smoke bubble machines for my birthday

New cocktail menu at the local, starting with the lilt


Would have almost all of that, damn

Probably go a Kaleidoscope or Common Grounds into a Slowstepper

Common Grounds is the next one lined up, hopefully for later this week. I’ve done Nebula, Highwire and Turning Tides so far which have all been good but currently between Nebula and Lilt for the new regular currently.

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I’d kid myself I’d try something else but always get the common grounds.

I’d also ask if they had a gibger liquer as i reckon a 1/2 measure of that added in would be interesting to try.

Gone a la merveille and a kutxiko

Can you please go to the bar, ask who thinks that using Diplomatico Reserve in a cocktail is acceptable and give them a good hard sad headshake.

My Spanish/Basque doesn’t stretch that far unfortunately

Went to a painfully aspirational restaurant called Nela (“it’s Sanskrit for Pure”, ugh) and had this monstrosity.

Diluted with soda water and served with smoke in the glass. €24.

Thankfully our account manager was paying, would’ve been livid


Well up for a Sumerian Swizzle

@Aggpass due to reply issues

Sumerian club?

The big globe thing in the middle is fun.

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I’ve become obsessed with the Dry County. It’s essentially a perfect manhattan, sweetened with ginger liqueur. It’s meant to be made with Tennessee whiskey (hence the name) but it’s too weak with OG JD and single barrel is pretty pricey here so I’ve been making it with 101 proof bourbon.

60 ml bourbon/tennesee whiskey
30ml dry vermouth (I used dolin)
15ml ginger liqueur (I used King’s Ginger, but ginger syrup works if you can’t find any)

Pour over ice, stir for 60 seconds.

Delightful, and daaangerously smooth




Made a sour with mums plum jam, nice