Cocktails (woohoo)

My Jigger is in ml but most of the recipies I work with are in oz. What I tend to do is just use the measures as a ratio guide taking into account my jigger is divided between 25ml and 50ml so:

1 shot = Approx 1.5 oz or 50ml

so if I have a recipe that calls for:

2 oz Whiskey
1 oz Grenadine
0.5 oz lime juice
4 oz cola

Using the large jigger that translates to:

1 & a 1/3 shots whiskey
2/3 of a shot of Grenadine
1/3 of a shot of lime juice
2 & 2/3 shots of cola

as long as the ratios are the same then the drink should taste fine (you might just end up with a slightly smaller or slightly larger one than the exact messures).

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free pouring, obviously

^this, if precision is required

My new cocktail making set arrived yesterday (no more leaky shaker when mixing up some cocktail with egg white).

Now the weather is warmer and we can finally sit out in back gardens my back yard bar is going to get one hell of a hammering this year.


exactly the reason i upgraded too, the silicon seal or whatever on my old cobbler shaker kept coming loose

any idea which drink you’ll make to christen the new gear?

I also finally got myself some martini glasses at the weekend to complete my set. So whilst I am tempted to go for a whiskey sour (or a Gold Rush as I have been enjoying that variation on a sour a lot recently and I have some honey syrup already prepared in the fridge) I am going to go with something that should be served in a martini glass.

Might go with a classic Manhattan or maybe a Waldorf (although with the Absinthe replaced with Grenadine as that stuff is lethal and I can’t drink Absinthe since my 21st birthday at University)

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This looks like a cool additional variation to try also - basically try shaking it with some citrus peel in the shaker itself and you get some extra citrus hit through the whole drink

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Oooh that sounds good, i will have to try that out.

Checks calendar… nope, Tuesday.


Not a jigger but I have this little measuring cup

Buying random new cocktail ingredients is clearly my current coping strategy - wandered out and got a bottle of creme de cassis so I could make a Bourbon Renewal (blackcurrant bourbon sour)


No joke, this little fella is the single kitchen utensil which gets the most use in our house. Good for cocktails AND for decanting into hipflasks for problematic stealth drinking

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This looks great!

I’m going to start stocking up on cocktail ingredients as the supermarkets here have loads of cool syrups and spirits. Need to make some tasty summery cocktails as I’ve not been drinking this year but plan to drink through summer! :joy:


Just made another cocktail using it too, gotta get that value for money!

El Diablo - tequila, cassis, lime juice, ginger beer. Lovely, really easy to drink but you can still actually taste the tequila

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That sounds right up my street!

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Impulsively bought this at a market today. Probably will put it in a chocolate milkshake.


This stuff is actually really tasty - got gifted some the Christmas before last. You can use it in similar places to amaretto or frangelico, it’s really nice over ice and pairs excellently with orange and spice flavours

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Banged a few margaritas down my neck Saturday. Lovely stuff

Got the urge and went to local M&S to get an emergency shaker. Everything was a bit expensive so I just got shaker and jigger.


1 Part fresh lime juice
1 Part simple syrup
5 Part gin

Shake with Ice.

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non alcoholic (mocktail?) heads up: mcdonalds have the frozen lemonade back on

That sounds delicious! I bet it would be nice in a coffee or coffee based cocktail too.