Watched it this evening.

Are you telling me this Hallmark movie won Best Picture?

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The script felt like it was written by someone who is vaguely familiar with humans. Still enjoyed it, and had a few funny moments, but let’s be honest, it’s pretty trashy.

Did this even come out in cinemas?

I think I first heard of this film on Saturday when suddenly everyone was crying on their Instagram story about how it was the greatest thing ever.

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Saw a few replies about it on here, mostly positive too. Feel like I missed something here. There were a few scenes that made me laugh out loud from how corny they were, including when the music teacher made her push against his hands and suddenly she could sing good.

I’d score it a middle 8.

OK, it’s not just me

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It’s a 3 and I’m being generous. So much of it really generic and boring.

As I said in the Oscars thread (which has obvs turned into slap chat) you had Parasite win it two years ago which is excellent, Coda is nowhere near as good as that on any level.

If films could be colours this would be beige.

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Id describe it as schmaltzy, very surprised the Oscars folk went for it tbh

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From the nominations list for Best Picture Drive My Car should have won, although at least it won Best International Feature Film.

Oscars has a tendency to oscillate between playing it safe and being edgy, and this year they’re playing it safe with CODA.

I’m not even sure why it was even considered worthy of being in the final 10 let alone winning it.

It wasn’t a bad film, it was fine. Last years sound of Metal was a much more interesting film about deafness and that won sod all.


I wouldn’t even say that’s the case. Usually there’s a certain dramatic grandiosity to the traditional Oscar bait (which hasn’t done so well in the last few years) but I didn’t get that from this one. @pip’s comment summed it up best. So much of this was predictable, formulaic and unimaginative.

I do think it’s cool that a film that addresses deafness in a light hearted relatable way got people to watch it, because I did enjoy watching it, but it really is a trashy film.

I have never seen extras act so bad in a high profile film before.

I don’t know how films get nominated but I’m sure having a shit load of Apple money behind it certainly helped the campaign somewhat

Coda was fine. Nothing special.
Drive My Car, Licorice Pizza, West Side Story, Power of the Dog and Dune were all far far better