Coding (or total career change)

Hello! I’m sure a topic like this has been done before but hasn’t everything?

Has anyone here with no real prior knowledge done an intensive coding course? How realistic/available are the job opportunities for junior developers? Are people battling to get jobs out there? It feels like the sort of thing that perhaps was probably a lot less saturated a few years ago?

Sub thread: tell me about when you’ve taken the plunge and totally changed your career. How was it? Was it scary? Do you regret it?

Asking for a friend, of course :weary: :zipper_mouth_face:

I want to do the complete opposite, get out of coding and being stuck in an office in general.

But I don’t know what.

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I did an introductory evening course at City University a couple of years ago which was pretty good but I haven’t done anything further with it.

I’d recommend looking on Coursera for a free coding thing to see if you take to it as it’s an unbelievably good website for testing the waters before trying anything too drastic.

We have junior coding positions come up fairly regularly, we’ve got one going at the minute in fact.

isn’t coding one of those jobs where you’ll be competing against 50 million indians who are all WAY better than you and willing to do it for like $5 a day?

I’m tempted to not post in here because it’s difficult not to be extremely negative at the moment about it.

Yeah probably but I imagine a fair few people like having an in house person for ease of communication?


I’m hoping its just this place and I’d be alright elsewhere, or it’s just the big project i’ve been working on for over a year, which is a never ending circle of despair,

That said I know someone who has recently switched from architecture to UX via an intensive course and so far is really enjoying it. At first I thought it really weird that she’d want to get into an industry closely related to what I do, however if you’re really sick of what you do then the change is bound to be good regardless. Either you’ll enjoy it, or you don’t and you go back to what you were doing. I should probably listen to my own advice.

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Look at my post below for something more positive!

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Just sit there all day listening to techno and typing? Where’s the room to skive? No ta.

Have you spoken to Alcxxk?

He did exactly this a couple of years ago.

I have also been kind of considering doing this. or at least training in something so I actually have a skill of some sort.

“We need this thing coded up, we don’t know anything about coding, how long will it take?”

You’d have to choose your employers very carefully.

Ah of course! I’ll send him an FB message

There’s definitely less room for it these days. It seems to be mostly trendy companies who want to you to be a passionate and hobby programmer, i.e. spend you life around coding, be active on github and do “scrum” meetings everyday to explain exactly what you’re going to do that day. So yeah, I think that there’s less room to hide but people still get away with a lot. We had a contractor in once who disappeared one day, he hadn’t been doing anything for two months lol.

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The lord’s work

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Someone else I know did a law degree, then a masters conversion course in software development. She said at the time that the masters was harder and more intense than the law degree by a long shot, but she then had a successful career in development.

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You know former DiSer Alcxxk, surely? He did this and it worked out.

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